'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: A Much-Needed Reality Check in Africa

NeNe LeaksThe first few days they were in South Africa, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were a complete embarrassment to themselves and all Americans. NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton led the way for sure, but all of them and their ridiculous quarreling over who got the best rooms and who got invited to what party was just painful to watch.

From throwing up a "rain shower" of money while dancing in a club to demanding hair and makeup artists before going on safari, Marlo is adamant about making her moneyed ways known. But as another Housewife once sang, money can't buy you class, which was more than apparent when Marlo showed up for the safari in sequined disco pants. Classy they were not.

Even while on the safari, within feet of gorgeous giraffes and amazing zebras, the duo of divas acted ridiculous, scaring away the animals and generally having their noses up in the air about the whole experience. It was maddening to watch them waste an opportunity like that and even fellow Talls teammate, Cynthia Bailey, was embarrassed by their behavior.

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Things changed, however, as the ladies went deeper into Africa and headed toward an orphanage. They stopped to get supplies and ran into a group of students who were on a lunch break. The children sang, danced, and delighted the ladies, who went in and cleaned out the local store to buy supplies for the kids and for others in the area.

Once at the orphanage, there was no quarrelling or bickering, no worrying about one's hair or shoes. No one cared who was a tall or a small, they were all just moved. It was real recognition by the woman of the sad situation of the children, and their own very privileged one. They laughed, hugged, and doted on the children and seemed genuinely immersed in the experience -- even Marlo. It was lovely to see, and you could almost forget all the other ugliness they put out there.

My hope is those warm feelings of gratitude will stay with the women and make the rest of their trip more peaceful and meaningful. Previews and past experience, however, seem to suggest otherwise. Rather we'll likely see those lessons will be quickly aside for more drama.

Were you completely embarrassed to see the ladies acting like they did in Africa? Do you think their experience at the orphanage will change their attitudes ... for long?

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Monar... Monarch101286

I have never watched this show and never will. It's sad that these grown women are acting so selfish and don't realize what others don't have. They take for granted the bare minimum when most can't afford it. Yes, so being in the orphanage was moving and touching and they finally put away their selfish petty ways and cared for someone else for once, but its just for that moment. Once they leave they'll go back to being who they really are again.

LOswa... LOswald0314

I missed the show.

elibee elibee

I have always thought that a lot of these stupid stars and celebrities ought to spend some time somewhere like this. No, one visit will not make the difference. They ought to be left there alone (as in not with each other) for 6 months.

Wish2Be Wish2Be

I never watch it... no desire too... I dont understand the appeal.

amy7243 amy7243

I missed this one.

nonmember avatar Barbara

NeNe is and has been one of the biggest HATERS on TV. Shame on her.

nonmember avatar Sharon Baxter

I felt the quarreling between Sheree and Marlo was sooo stupid!! One of them should have been "big" enough to just walk away and not let it go so far... For them going to the orphage , it will affect Kandi more than the others.. Kandi has a good heart...

nonmember avatar BCOOPER

Totally embarrassed by Marlo and NeNe. You can take them out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of them. many people will never experience a trip to the Motherland, and these two wasted the treasured opportunity. I've known Marlo for years, and the world is finally seeing what I've always known about her. NO CLASS, and a opportunist. Truly embarrased.

tbbycatt tbbycatt

The whole thing was embarassing.  I hope people realize this is NOT what normal Americans act like.  It's not really going to make a difference for Marlo and NeNe especially.  They were going right back to their beautiful accomadations...they will definitely go on and on about how they helped these children...I can see that! 

ceciliam ceciliam

I don't watch the Atlanta one.

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