Whitney Houston Dies & Cruel Celeb Death Rumors Follow

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina
Bobby Brown's 25th Birthday in New York
When I heard Whitney Houston was found dead last night, my first thought was that it was a rumor. We're constantly plagued with ridiculous celebrity death rumors started via Twitter and other social media, and I thought surely this was one. Sadly, it wasn't in her case.

Details of her death are still being pieced together, but according to TMZ, the singer was found apparently drowned in a bathtub in a room at a Beverly Hills hotel. The site reports that her stylist, hairdresser, and two bodyguards were in the room with her before the Clive Davis party. After she was in the bathroom for more than an hour, they got concerned that they hadn't heard from her and found her in the tub with her face underwater

Heartbreaking, and it's unfathomable that in the wake of such a tragedy, anyone would be low enough to start celebrity death rumors. But they have, with fury.


Lil Boosie is one target this morning, as rumors of the rapper's death have set the Internet on fire. From news that he was stabbed in jail to the "fact" that he had a seizure, Twitter has been buzzing with heartbroken fans. Fortunately, the reports seem to be completely false. Fellow rapper Webbie took to Twitter to clear up the rumor in no uncertain terms: "LET ME CLEAR IT UP, BOOSIE IS NOT DEAD."

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Also a victim today: Keanu Reeves, who seems to be a repeat target for this nonsense. This time it was supposedly a snowboarding accident in Switzerland that took his life. This too is apparently 100 percent false, according to Gossip Cop.

It's hard to imagine someone so insensitive, heartless, and cruel that they would get some kind of sick satisfaction from starting rumors like this. To do so on the heels of Whitney's death, when so many are experiencing such real grief is even crueler than ever, and surely there is a special dose of Karma for people who would sink so low. R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

Is your first instinct when you hear of a celebrity's death to think it's a hoax?

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