Madonna Has Very Un-Madonna-Like Reaction to M.I.A.'s Middle Finger

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madonna at the super bowlPretty much the ONLY person on the Internet who didn't weigh in this week on M.I.A. throwing the bird during her performance with Madonna at the Super Bowl half-time show was Madonna herself. But that all changed Friday morning when the Material Girl herself candidly told Ryan Seacrest what she thought of the flip-off.

Guess what. Madonna wasn't happy. Here's what she said about it:

I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity. ... It seemed negative. ... It’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do. There was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point? It was just out of place.

I'm sorry, but I have to ask: Is this the real Madonna speaking or a boring, way-too-serious, stuck-up version of herself? Because the Material Girl that I've grown up watching isn't afraid to push buttons even in times of "good energy and positivity." She isn't above artists expressing themselves in provocative ways. And she certainly doesn't find fault with irrelevant details in entertainment (ahem, random world peace sign at the end of her performance!).

I'm actually shocked by Madonna's reaction to M.I.A.'s middle finger: Overall, the performance got nothing but an amazing response (see: my Twitter and Facebook feeds where everyone proclaimed it the "Best Super Bowl half-time of their entire existence"). That she would say something bad about one minor second of it seems -- to borrow her word -- "negative" to me. If anything, it got people talking about something other than the fact that she tripped and almost fell off the bleacher halfway through. You'd think she'd be at least a little tolerant of it.

Are you surprised at Madonna's reaction?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

I agree with Madonna. It was immature and stupid, I don't like MIA. 

Fallaya Fallaya

Sounds like Madonna has grown up.  I agree with what she said.  

coffe... coffeebeansgurl

I agree with her words. i don't agree that they came out of her mouth . i mean she has done worse so to me she is jelous .

Jcoth... Jcothrine

i am not surprised..Madonna loves and craves attention...but who is everyone talking about ? M.I.A.!

palad... paladinmom

I applaud Madonna's response.  It was not positive at all for MIA to do this.  Also the "flap lift" was downright disgusting too!

nonmember avatar hcs2012

Worst half time show of all time. Although M.I.A's actions were childish and inappropriate, she didnt ruin the performance. It was ruined when Madonna was asked to do the show.

LOswa... LOswald0314

No I'm not, and I'm glad she said this.  It was a very rude and immature thing to do, it wasn't "pushing boundaries or being provocative'. 

nonmember avatar Ally

What surprises me is the reaction to the MIDDLE FINGER!!! Are people really that hurt about it? Its just a hand sign that WE put meaning to. We can see it as humorous, brush it off, and not raise our stress levels instead getting our panties tied in knots over a stunt that was clearly meant to liven up that awkward performance

amy7243 amy7243

I agree with her.

elasmimi elasmimi

Maybe she has grown up. It was inappropriate and she recognized it.

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