Adele's First Post-Surgery Performance Will Leave You in Awe (VIDEO)

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Adele singing 'Rolliing in the Deep' on '60 Minutes'For months now "Someone Like You" singer Adele has been on the mend after undergoing vocal cord microsurgery. Everyone's been wondering how those golden pipes of hers were going to sound once she made her big return at the Grammy Awards on February 12. Well I have some good news: if you thought you had to wait until Sunday night on CBS to hear the 23-year-old carry a tune, today's your lucky day.

The soulful singer recently sat down for an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes, and (THANKFULLY) was asked to sing a bit of "Rolling in the Deep." Let me tell you, what came out of her mouth gave me legit goosebumps.

Watch Adele's first live song since vocal cord surgery, here:

How cute is Anderson when he asks her to sing for him? I blush for him! That, and I'd DIE if I were him. How awesome is it to be that close to such outstanding talent?

In terms of her voice, it sounds like nothing's changed, right? THANK GOD! Adele's pipes come off just as powerful, vibrant, and flawless as ever. Seems like the diva is back. This little sneak peek totally has me highly anticipating Sunday's big performance. I wonder what she's going to sing!

I'm also very hopeful that her powerful return means we'll be hearing some new tracks from the British singer in the near future. A gal can only listen to her albums 19 and 21 so many times on repeat.

Are you an Adele fan? What do you think of her voice post-surgery?


Image via CBS


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Krist... KristiDLee23

I LOVED Adeles music, and then there was overkill. I don't even listen to corporate radio but hearing it everywhere just drove me nuts.  I hate when something good is overdone to the point I now cringe when I hear Rolling or Someone like you.  :( 

amy7243 amy7243

Love her voice!

Roberta Lewis

She is such a phenomenon!

Krystel Hudson-Spell

She sounds good but I thought we were in for something spectacular it wasn't as great as made out to be.

godde... goddess99

No idea who she is. I don't really listen to random music/radio.

J_and... J_andrews8081

Goddess99, just watch the clip above. Shes more than a singer, she's an artist! i love adele!!

Samal... Samallama

I agree with the first commenter. Overkill! I loved her music at first but I'll be ready to hear something new, rolling in the deep is really starting to get on my nerves. 

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