Death Threats Against Taylor Armstrong Could Send Her Over the Edge

Taylor ArmstrongThere's only so much a person can handle, and after the latest trauma to befall Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she is surely close to the brink. According to RadarOnline, Taylor received a series of death threats Sunday night via Twitter.

Their content is horrifying and extremely personal. No mere joke, a law enforcement official told the site, "These were credible serious threats against Taylor and her daughter, Kennedy." She was, understandably "freaked out" by them, and the FBI has been called in to investigate.

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The first message sent to her via Twitter seemed to reference a book signing she's holding February 7 in New Jersey for her new book Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within and was sent from the account @Hardboiledpeggs. It said: "see u on February 7 ill be there with a book and a rope so i can kidnap u." The second read: "Turn around bright eyes every now and then, Kennedy's dead." Both times she responded, "Don't ever contact me again."

Talk about unsettling. This is the last thing she needs on top of all she has gone through. First there was her relationship with Russell Armstrong during which she allegedly endured years of physical and emotional abuse, then his suicide. Recent reports have said she has an alcohol problem, and she may not be asked back for another season of RHWOBH.

To heap something this frightening on someone who has been through so much and who is already is so emotionally fragile is just unimaginable. You have to wonder who could ever be so cruel, and what possible motivation the person could have for issuing these threats.

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Taylor may not be the most likable Housewife ever, but she certainly doesn't deserve this -- no one does. I hope the FBI is able to track down the sender and punish him or her to the full extent of the law. And more importantly, I hope that Taylor is somehow able to move past it with the strength and courage it will take.

What motivation do you think anyone would have for sending death threats to Taylor Armstrong?

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nonmember avatar Sandy Postner

Pleaseeeeeee....she is just attention hungry and you know it...good god woman....she would eat shit and bark at the moon if the thought it could get her time in front of the camera...get real. She has has her 15 minutes and is trying for 15 more. Let's move on and get someone in with some real class and get rid of that wannabe.

nonmember avatar shishi

This is a pathetic attempt to hold onto her fading 15 minutes. She is a terrible mother, a pathetic human being, and if you believe Russell actually committed suicide unaided, I have a bridge for sale...

nonmember avatar Runnyisaac

It is just a TV show people. Get a life. I don't care for her myself, but I also don't care enough to get all worked up enough to threaten her. Is it really necessary? I think not!

nonmember avatar mary

I think Taylor has gone through a lot and I think a lot of it was her putting her business out there for everyone to talk about..I don't think she deserves to be threatin by any outsiders cause she is way to fragile and vunerable

nonmember avatar doris

if she lays low this doesnt have to happen but we all know she wants to be at the spotlight,it is her fault anyways i mean you cherish the guy so much & after his suicide you write a book ??her 15 min are over. i wish someone could just tell her that

nonmember avatar Heidi

I cannot understand how such hatefull comments can be posted when a persons life is challenged let alone a helpless small child. If the haters that say such negativity feel this much dislike for people they do not know, why make any comment at all on here. Its totally apparent Taylor has been abused emotionally let alone physically, this goes back even before Russell. I wish Taylor and kennedy find an inner peace and be able to move on, healing together.

marti... martiniqueenie

It is not apparent that Taylor has been abused.  That is what is so frustrating for the viewers.  She is putting her child at risk by seeking the camera at every turn.  She needs help...she doesn't need to be back on a reality show.  This is all about fame and money to her.  She wants that more than her safety.  I personally would like to hear the truth from Taylor...that will never happen.

nonmember avatar linda ellis

Why does she feel the need to talk on national t.v. and write about such personal things involving the man she was married to. Why didn't she just leave the situation. Want her face on t.v., much? I would say so. Be a lady and stop blabbing. Your child will truly disrespect you for this when she gets older. Can you not see that?

nonmember avatar Kellyn

You people making these comments are so sad. Blame the victim! Whatever. I hope none of you ever have to go through what she has been through. Her eyes weren't black enough for you? I guess if someone offered you $500k to follow you with a camera you would turn it down? Go team Taylor!

cindy... cindyt713

Heidi, you are the only one here that said anything worth reading!  The rest of you I think are the ones that have issues.  What would make you all so cold hearted to not open your heart to a sister that OBVIOUSLY has been abused and has serious problems? It turns my stomach to know there are such heartless women out there.  I hope you all find peace within yourselves.

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