Joan Rivers' Pot Smoking Inadvertently Promotes Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

Joan RiversFor years Joan Rivers has topped virtually every list of plastic surgery disasters that's ever been crafted. She has unwittingly become the poster child for why NOT to get plastic surgery, but now she's making plastic surgery look better than ever, encouraging hordes of people to follow in her crow's feet footsteps. 

No, not because they want to look like her, but rather because they want what she got after she had the surgery: Pot. That's right, marijuana, ganja, weed, reefer, call it what you will. Joan says her doctor prescribed the medicinal marijuana to her after her plastic surgery to help her cope with the pain.

Say what? Who knew that was one of the perks that go along with a little nip and tuck. And wait until you see just how much fun Joan had during her recovery.

In this clip from Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best,  Joan and her friend, Lynne, toke up. They get so baked they can't even drive home and have to call Melissa to come and get them. It's long, but even the first few minutes will give you a pretty good look at what a stoned Joan looks like. Check it out:

I kind of like her that way. Typically she can be a bit grating, but stoned, she's a whole lot of fun. Melissa clearly didn't think so when she had to drive her wasted 78-year-old mother home, but seeing her drink from a shoe fully clothed in a hot tub was pretty hilarious.

The only thing that would have made it even better is if Betty White joined her. Joan says she and Betty used to get stoned together back in the "dark ages." Can you imagine how hysterical it would be to be with the two of them and a bong ... only if were legal of course.

Speaking of which, medicinal marijuana isn't legal in every state like it is in California, so hopefully hordes of people across the country won't race out and get a face lift just because they have a hankering to get high.  But I wouldn't be surprised if Joan's little recovery secret doesn't push a few plastic surgery fence sitters in California in the direction of the knife ... and bong.

What do you think of Joan Rivers stoned?

Image via YouTube

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Agent... Agentmomyyc

I would love to smoke weed with Joan:)  She is a


femal... femaleMIKE

thats hilarious how she had to call her daughter because she was too stoned to drive. 

Hecate9 Hecate9

I wonder if Betty White still

Bmat Bmat

I feel sorry for her.

Leesh... Leeshamak

I think it was completely hilarious! Joan is hot spit;) Besides, she said she wasn't going to do it again~ it makes her fat! lol~ i laughed my but off....


slw123 slw123

Pretty funny stuff.

nonmember avatar Kelly

That was amazing

godde... goddess99

I love Joan but not stoned

Stacey. Stacey.

Who needs plastic surgery to get high?

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