'DWTS' Season 14 Casting Rumors Include Some Wacky Picks

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Dancing With The StarsThe countdown to the Season 14 premiere of Dancing With the Stars has officially begun, and guess what? I've got the dirt. The gossip. The juice. The super scoop on the potential cast. Aren't you dying to find out which stars are going to hit the ballroom?

Before you get all excited, I feel obligated to warn you. The casting rumors? Well, they aren't all pretty. You won't believe who the producers are after. Word on the street is ...

Dancing With the Stars is rumored to be wooing these five stars for the new season:

  • Paula Deen: Holy sweet potatoes, this woman is everywhere. Ever since the 64-year-old celebrity chef announced she has Type 2 diabetes, she's been on everyone's radar -- and DWTS is no exception. She could definitely be the new "healthy transformation" contestant for Season 14.
  • Bruce Jenner: First Kim, then Rob, now Bruce? Kardashian overkill! But actually, Bruce comes off as the most humble of the bunch. Even co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet agrees. "I can understand them wanting to keep the Kardashian thing going," she said.
  • Bar Refaeli: She's a gorgeous model, the ex-girlfriend of a sexy A-list actor -- and no, I'm not comparing her to Elisabetta Canalis (but I am sensing a theme here ...). Rumors are reporting that due to Bar's hectic work schedule, she will not be lacing up her dance shoes. Hmm, we'll see about that.
  • Giuliana Rancic: She touched the hearts of millions as she publicly shared her heartwrenching battle of breast cancer with the world, but now that she's fully recovered from her double mastectomy, entering the competition would make a lot of sense. Just like J.R. Martinez, I can see Giuliana being the hero of this season. 
  • Pee-Wee Herman: I saved the best for last. I mean, is this a joke? This guy is still around? Why don't we call him by his real name? Does anyone know his real name? I can't even deal.

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Are you surprised by these casting rumors? Which of these stars would you like to see dance this season?

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Pee-Wee's real name is Paul Reubens and he has tons of fans. He's been in several television shows and movies and was just on BROADWAY with a revamped "Playhouse." So sorry you "can't even deal."

agecm... agecmorgan

@Jennifer - "snarky".  Isn't Paul Reubens a child molester?  LOL

wenas5 wenas5

Giuliana Rancic just had her double breast surgury a few months ago. Just because we see her on various programming, does not mean she is anywhere near well enough for DWTS. Doubt that her doctor would clear her. She can't afford to lose any weight or weaken her body right now. 

susin susin

Not a child molester...he got caught having a little 'me' time in public...smart? nope, pedophile? nope again...I hope he does it!

nacho... nachoqtpie

Paul Reubens is awesome for 1. And for 2 he is not a child molestor. He was arrested for exposing himself in a XXX theatre... while watching porn.... (isn't that what most guys do when they watch porn?!) He is a really good actor and I don't even think he should have been arrested. If the lady (that was watching the same porn movie as he was in the same theatre...) that turned him in was going to be offended by that... then maybe she shouldn't have been in a XXX theatre!

terri.a terri.a

@agecmorgan : Paul Reubens was arrested for his activites with himself in an adult movie theater 20 years ago.  I don't believe he was ever accused of or arrested for child molestation. Big, BIG difference.

Angel... Angel1015

having your penis out in public is bad too stop acting like its ok for people to do that paul reubens is a weirdo  but wow has been

ivego... ivegotrhythm

I swear if there is another Jenner/Kartrashian I will boycott forever. Already didn't watch last season because of all made-for-ratings drama.


Paul Reubens is not a pedophile. What an awful thing to say.

pinkm... pinkmadge

Paul Reubens is NOT a child molester, to even throw that around in a "snarky" way sucks.  He'd be GREAT on the show!

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