Kris Humphries Made Scott Disick Look Like the Catch of the Century

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It's only been a few days since the season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, and already fans everywhere are hungry for more drama and all things Kardashian. The season definitely ended on an emotional note, with Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries falling apart at the seams.

Even though we already knew before the final episode that these two were headed for splitsville, it was still a little bit painful to watch Kim do the ugly cry over a guy she probably shouldn't have married in the first place.

While Kim's love life was on a downward spiral this season, Kourtney's relationship with boyfriend Scott Disick only seemed to get stronger, making fans start to understand what attracted her to him in the first place. Remember when Scott used to be the bad guy on the show? Yeah, well, he's not the villain anymore. Kris Humphries made Scott look like the catch of the century.

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Clever editing by producers can always be used as an excuse to justify good or bad behavior when it comes to reality TV, but all video edits aside, Scott's charm and wit were pretty hard to deny. I guess you kind of have to have a good sense of humor if you're going to walk around New York City in a business suit every single day when you aren't even headed into an office.

After watching Kris make comments about the size of Kim's behind, not to mention telling her that her fans won't care about her anymore after she has kids, Scott's clever one-liners and positive vibes were actually quite refreshing. He seemed to be in total adoration of Kourtney, minus the small jab he threw at her while they were lying in bed about her breath smelling like broccoli rabe. Negative comments in regards to morning breath are always justified, right?

With baby number two on the way, maybe Scott finally realized that he needed to grow up and get his priorities in order. Then again, maybe he just saw Kris Humphries as his golden ticket to redeem himself and emerge as the man plenty of Kardashian fans now have a crush on. (Not me, I swear.)

If Scott was available and asked you out, would you accept?


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Stacey. Stacey.

You can polish a turd but its still a turd and that goes for the entire family.

nonmember avatar Jane

He really did step up his game! Such a sweet man:) He redeemed himself in my eyes. (maybe I have a crush on him) lol

nonmember avatar V

What a moronic article.

nonmember avatar Jules

Scott told Kourt she had a fat ass and that he had a sign that said Wide Load he could lend her--did you miss that? Kim thinks she should be famous and immortal like Eliz Taylor--what a joke or perhaps the ditz doesn't know the difference between immortal and immoral....

nonmember avatar Rocco

Kris H was telling Kim K the truth, in Reality, that's not what she wants to hear.
He told the truth about Bruce, Scott and Rob - they let the women walk all over them.

Kris H didn't need her money -($8mil for 4 months work/nba)- so he didn't have to kiss-up to get an allowance.

nonmember avatar Sheri

I Always thought Scott was agood humane being inside. I did not like or respect his behavior when he was drinking.
I think he has a great personality. I like his humor. I also think he is now a awsome Dad. Kourtney is very lucky to have someone who loves her unconditionaly. I think alot of other men would of not put up with Kris,Khloe and the way they treated him. I give him kudo's for getting his life together ,earning Kourtney's repect back and also work at earning the respect of Kourt's family back.
SCOTT ROCKS...Kris Humpfries wanted a money honey it was ovious he did not love Kim the way he talked down to her..
Kris Humpfries is a moron and not even good enough to shine Scott's shoes.

GabsMom1 GabsMom1

He has improved. Anyway, wasn't Kourtney the one that was asking about her butt? Besides, she picks on him, too.


nonmember avatar H

I lile Kris Humphries. It's cool to see someone who doesn't kiss the Kardashian's fat asses. He just thought Kim was hot, like every other guy does, & married her & realized that she's annoying. He's a real guy who got caught up in a fake world. I don't see how this season made him look bad. Watching it, I completely see how Kim used him for attention. She seems like a major brat. The things he'd say to her cracked me up!

nonmember avatar trhltraining

I actually don't think Kris is such a bad guy. From what I have seen Kim is a spoiled brat who is not willing to adjust her life, schedule, or way of thinking for anyone. Yet, she expects Kris to bend over backwards for her.

nonmember avatar Mattie

I'm not the biggest Kim fan( I like Khloe more), but seriously? I'm 15 and even I know that name-calling is not only rude but also ineffective to your cause. However, this article makes it seem that Kris singlehandedly ruined the marriage. Do I think that Kris is a bad guy? No! But was he flawless? Absolutely not! It was the same thing with Kim. Neither tried too hard to fix their marriage, though I will say it looked like Kris would have been willing too. Kim even said that he was always like that, and that she was the one who changed in the marriage. That's not Kris's fault.But he was trying too hard to be the dominate spouse. They both had blame in the marriage, and IMO its really bad taste to bad mouth Kris when Kim had as much to blame, if more,in the demise of their relationship.

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