'The Grey' Incites Ridiculous Reaction From Animal Rights Activists

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Liam NeesonBeating expectations, "The Grey," starring Liam Neeson, had a colorful opening weekend. The story of oil refinery workers stranded in the bitter Alaskan tundra after a plane crash came in number one at the box office this weekend after wowing moviegoers. Animals rights activists, however, are less than wowed.

If you haven't seen the move, it includes the men and an extremely badass Neeson fighting off the bitter cold, starvation, and wolves, lots of wolves. In one scene Neeson supposedly punches a wolf right in the nose. That punch aside, animal rights activists are up in arms about the film, even calling for its boycott, because they believe ... it's going to create worldwide hysteria and wolf phobia. Oh yes, they're serious. 

According to an article in the Daily Beast, some activists believe the poor wolves, who attack and prey on the men in the film, are being grossly misrepresented in the film. Wendy Keefover, carnivore-protection director for WildEarth Guardians, told the site that there have only been two fatal wolf attacks in North America ever documented:

Most people don’t know anything about wolves. This movie will tap into their primal fears and create mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria, really? I don't know about you, but I don't run into a whole lot of wolves on a daily basis, and if I do, you better believe I'm going to be hysterical and scared as hell. I'd venture to say that most people feel the same -- with or without seeing the film -- and I don't think that's a bad thing. They're WILD ANIMALS.

That doesn't mean I'm going to go out and start hunting down wolves either --  like activists fear. I'm scared of a lot of things that I don't go hunt down. For example, I'm terrified of squirrels, yet I've never been moved to grab a gun and try to shoot one down. Some may, I suppose, but thinking that this one movie is going rile up people enough to hunt so many wolves that they become extinct is ridiculous. As for the rest, it sounds like they're just worried about the reputation of the wolves, which is nice, but ... ridiculous?

From PETA:

A film that has the potential to scare more people than "Little Red Riding Hood," The Grey portrays these intelligent, family-oriented animals the same way in which Jaws portrays sharks. The writers paint a pack of wolves living in the Alaskan wilderness as bloodthirsty monsters, intent on killing every survivor of a plane crash by tearing each person limb from limb. Yet wolves aren't aggressive animals, and as Maggie Howell, the managing director of America's Wolf Conservation Center, says, Wolves don't hunt humans—they actually shy away from them.

If the animals rights activists want to go up and try to snuggle a "family-oriented" wolf or take a chance that the wolf they face is really just shy, then more power to them. But when it comes to wolves and their FANGS I think it seems a whole lot safer to side with the fear.

And besides, it's just a movie.

Do you see any validity in the animal rights activists' fears in this case? Have you seen the movie?

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nonmember avatar ponder

There is evidence in our history that being misinformed about the nature of wolves be it red riding.Hood or what have you, has contributed to the decline in wolf populations because people were killing them. There are parts of our country where wolves dwell You know? You might be a little more sane then most but I really wish that people Would value wild animals as oppose to fearing them and therefore have no desire of protecting them.or their habitat. Humans are so selfish.

nonmember avatar Brenda

Wolves are currently being gunned down in several states. Few people think to protect them because they envision them as the evil, big bad wolf so honestly I don't think the uproar is so off base.Wolves are just trying to survive like any other carnivore. Yes, people are STUPID enough to watch this movie and think that wolves are bloodthirsty killers stalking people on a daily basis

nonmember avatar Sara

I completely agree with ponder. This would not be so much of a problem if people cared to educate themselves beyond what they see on television. However, when a person knows nothing about a wild animal, they will instead remember what a movie told them. And unfortunately not all people are as rational as you and probably would shoot a wolf out of fear. Haven't you read the newspapers to see how brilliant people are with guns?

nonmember avatar Robert

What about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", "Little Red Riding Hood", etc. etc.....

What about when the kid in "The Neverending Story" killed a wolf (albeit a horribly done animatronic contraption)? Or at the beginning of 300, which my Magoo like wife referred to as Zoo for quite awhile before being informed of the proper name.

You get my point?

Kediset Kediset

um yea.. what about Jaws? sure it wasn't like -everyone- went hunting them down but it sure did cause mass hysteria and people are still paranoid over sharks, wondering why anyone would think they should be protected. I'm not sure if a movie like this will have the same effect or not, considering wolves are part of cultures (like North American Natives), and I do believe a popular animal in general. Not to say there aren't still many who'd kill one unfortunate enough to be crossing their path...

but yea.. how often would you come across one without going out of your way to find one? I've been in Jasper, Alberta, for like a week I think and never saw or heard one... much to my disappointment ;o seen plenty of other animals though.

Monda... MondayisFired

Although I don't believe "mass hysteria" will be a result of this movie, yes, I do believe that it will further ingrain the fear of wolves in our society and encourage more people to hunt or shoot them on sight. While I wouldn't get up in arms about it, I consider it a problem.

Wolves are carnivores, yes, but they very rarely attack humans and are actually very shy. They hunt the weak and sick animals in herds. They are loving, family-oriented, beautiful creatures who deserve a healthy respect for what they are capable of rather than fear.

Wolves care for their weak, injured and sick pack members. A wolf will trot miles, carrying food, to bring it to a member that cannot hunt. Packs maintain territories and will mix with each other when youngsters leave, looking for a new home. Wolves are unique, loving, intelligent, and complex, not mindless bloodthirsty predators.

I admit that when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was troubled over the inaccurate portrayal of wolves and I knew that others would take what the movie portrays as fact. I wish Hollywood would stop giving them such bad and inaccurate press.

Natur... NaturalMamaCZ

Yes, wolves have been endangered and still have been victims of aerial assaults and mass killing. More education and less fear propaganda would be responsible

nonmember avatar Angie

*sigh* It's a movie. It's not real life. I saw it, it scared the pants off of me. Did I think it was 100% true? No. I DID come home and wiki wolves though and learned some pretty interesting things about them.

Should I ever survive a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness and a pack of angry wolves is stalking me, I will indeed kill them if I get a chance. As would anyone, I would think.

Aside from that, I can't imagine most people would have the occasion to kill a wolf. Or be stalked by a crazy wolf pack.

It's a movie, people! And a Liam Neeson movie at that. It's not like George Clooney made it. People will see it, but probably not the whole world. Lighten up.

Tracy... Tracylynn100

I have to say I have never watched a movie and felt the need to go kill something, no sharks, wolves or men named Jason on Friday the 13th. Give people a little credit.

maric... maricmunoz

Wolves are dangerous animals and they are carnivores so what is the problem?  PETA has way too much time on their hands!

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