Demi Moore's Story Gets Even More Sad With Nitrous Oxide Rumors


Oh boy, the weird news about Demi Moore just keeps coming. First we learned that she'd entered a treatment facility for what her rep described as "exhaustion," then she pulled out of an upcoming movie role, and now reports are surfacing that the reason she was rushed to the hospital earlier this week is because she was suffering seizure-like symptoms. From, uh, huffing nitrous oxide.

I have to say, out of all the reasons I could think of for why Demi Moore was in bad enough shape to trigger a 911 call on Monday night, the possibility that she was inhaling whip-its never entered my mind. 

I mean ... whip-its. As in those little canisters filled with nitrous oxide that are used to recharge whipped cream cans. As in one of the dumbest, cheapest highs on earth, possibly trumped in sheer brain-killing lameness only by Purple Drank or inhaling gasoline fumes. When I think of people doing whip-its, I think of bored teenagers frantically sucking on latex balloons in order to capitalize off a 10-second buzz—not posh A-listers who CLEARLY could afford better drugs.

As for how this all allegedly went down, details remain unclear. E! News is reporting that Moore was hosting a birthday dinner party for a friend on Monday night, and while things started off normal, a source says Moore was "pretty hyper" for most of the night and was not her normal self, while another source adds she was "acting crazy." Sometime after 10 p.m., when only one friend was left behind, Moore reportedly began to convulse and act "like she was having a seizure." The friend freaked and called 911, and a team of paramedics subsequently rushed Moore to the hospital.

According to TMZ, the friend also told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its, which triggered the bad reaction.

Nitrous robs the brain of oxygen, so it's certainly possible that someone repeatedly inhaling a whip-it could enter a shaky seizure-like state. But who knows what really happened? RadarOnline is reporting that the seizure was of the epileptic variety, triggered by anorexia and other issues.

I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to have this all go public, right after the whole Kutcher Cheatapalooza mess. Whether the whip-it story is true or not, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Moore has some major problems to deal with, and I hope she's getting whatever help she needs right now.

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What do you think about the nitrous rumors? Do you think Demi Moore really was hospitalized for inhaling whip-its?

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Momma... MommaDear1

ElizabethZ3 ; Ashton and Demi had an open marriage and enjoyed threesomes on a regular basis. What upset her was him getting caught with other girls. She said she wanted to "share" his women and he chose not to a few times. Demi wanted Ashton so badly she offered him the open marrige to get him to marry her. She's messed up mentally and needs help. Allowing herself to become anorexic just to keep a man proves how despearte she truly is. Ashton should never have married her and he knows that now.


I myself am epileptic and occasionally have seizures. Over the years, as you can imagine, I have learned quite a bit about the condition. An anorexic can indeed, if they lose too much weight, go into a seizure, but this will not be an epileptic seizure. Epileptic seizures result from a particular kind of brain wave going haywire, sometimes caused by brain trauma, sometimes not, and no amount of weight loss is going to cause this. RadarOnline is confused.

marci01 marci01

AT this point, I'm beginning to wonder if Ashton ever did cheat, or if they made up the stories so as to not let the public know about her substance abuse problem because his leaving was imminent. As the sister of a drug user, I know that when she is at her lowest, she'll do anything to get high when what she really wants is unavailable. So, that being said, if she's had a drug problem all along, who knows what she'd do to try to get high. I'm not saying this is the truth, but there's obviously more to the entire story than any of us know.

nonmember avatar ruby

Give me a break! She's not an addict & who would speculate the open marriage idea! Just send well wishes for a timely recovery...hoping no harm will come to her person. I agree with fyrfyter...raise the bar Demi (dignity is everything). NO one is worth your life...chose healthy living and move towards a new vision or goal...put your past behind you.

nonmember avatar Jane

It would behoove us to wonder why Demi Moore didn't observe the crash and burn suffered by Britney Murphy after Ashton broke up with her. She was never the same after that, never recovered. Women should beware of any man with a history of dumping, and devastating past relationships.

Desti... Destiny907

You knew she wasn't a straight thinker in the first place, actually MARRYING that Astin boy.  Sure it was flattering, what older woman wouldnt be flattered.. but marry him? Think a guy like that could be faithful?

Poor Demi.  A poster child for the rest of us- that being beautiful, rich- doesn't equal HAPPY. 

She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to try to fool herself that old age isn't creeping up and in the end, looks really dont matter a whole lot.


lisas... lisasuel1

Wow... some of you are truly mean nasty people. Watch out for karma.

nonmember avatar patrick

Nitrous actually has no toxic level.It is only dangerous if one fails to maintain adequate oxygen intake. Sucking off little bottles or a hose is definitely a less than zero act. Especially when she could hook up a hot dentist with the right set up to put her on an extended relaxing high. NO2 is not a poison- stupidity is. This writer clearly hasn't studied her drugs much less journalism. Demi Moore will take care of herself, eventually.

Any White

However, we discovered Kim Kardashian secret! - she using Fullstoppain Magnetic anticellulite sweat suit !!

Ignac... IgnacioSteen


Hangin' around with her sasquatch daughters and gropin' their boytoys just doesn't cut it, honey !


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