5 Kim Kardashian Shockers Revealed on 'Live With Kelly'


kim kardashianOf course the entire universe was on pins and needles in the moments leading up to Kim Kardashian's co-hosting gig on Monday's Live With Kelly. Sure, some fans wanted to know what she was going to wear; others wondered if she'd turn out to be as much of a morning person as Kelly Ripa ... but pretty much everybody else was just hoping, hoping, hoping Kim would dish some never-before-heard divorce dirt!!

And I guess you could say she sort of did ... sort of. Meaning, Kim didn't shy away from words and phrases like "painful" and "soul-searching" and "in my heart it wasn't right." Unfortunately, that's about the juiciest Kris Humphries gossip Kim was prepared to give up.

But don't get too disappointed just yet ... K.K. more than made up for her discretion regarding the divorce. Of course, whether or not Kim realized how much top-secret info she was revealing about herself, I can't say for sure ...

1. Kim Kardashian has never been to Brazil. Okay, right now you're probably thinking something like, Well, that's kind of weird cause she's rich and travels all over the place, but it's not shocking. Ah, but wait until you hear WHY she won't go to Brazil! As she explained to Kelly, Kim's always heard about Brazilian women and how they're the most beautiful women in the world. "So whenever a guy is like, 'Let's go to Brazil!' I'm like, 'Let's not!'" Kim doesn't think she's hot enough to hold on to a man in Brazil ... told you: shocking.

2. Kim Kardashian has hairy, hairy arms. Seriously! Her hair removal secret? She trusts laser treatment to keep her free o' fuzz.

3. Kim Kardashian has odd taste in TV shows. She says she doesn't watch all that much TV, which I understand. She's on the tube too much to actually tune in. But when she does watch TV? "All I watch are murder shows and Glee," she said. Interesting combo ...

4. Kim Kardashian loathes lizards. I've got to hand it to the girl -- she hung in there like a real champ when wildlife expert Peter Gros brought out some cuddly (and not-so-cuddly) creatures for Kim and Kelly to hold. The baby Bengal tiger! Big hit. The ... uh, ginormous iguana-type lizard? Kim was NOT having it.

5. Kim Kardashian has no idea who Carla Gugino is. Or so it seemed when K.K. had to read "Carla Gugino" as part of a phone-in contest question (Gugino was on Live recently to talk about her new Broadway play). "Carla ... " Kim read the first name perfectly, then paused, squinting at the words. "Gugino," prompted Ripa, automatically going into mom mode. It was as if Ripa was helping Kim with her vocab homework and "Gugino" was on this week's "list of new words." "Gugino," Kim repeated dutifully.

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Did you catch Kim Kardashian on Live With Kelly? Learn anything?

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nonmember avatar Susan Gumlock

I'm sure that her mother told her what to say on the show. But #5 shows that she really would be a nobody without her power hungry mom. #5 also says that Kim is totally clueless. No wonder they have to script the show.

Kritika Kritika

I wish the Lincoln would have stepped on the gas.

Seira67 Seira67

Why is her mouth always open..?

I just  don't see the importance of this family.

I've seen the interview,she's really into herself.

nonmember avatar guest

Watching Kim talk makes me want to poke my eyes out.

QTKakes QTKakes

The person who writes these Kardashian stories seems like a star-struck 12 year old. Pretty sad to care about the most un-news worthy things about these women. Krazy is one thing...this goes beyond Krazy.

julso... julsofparadise

Of course she has hairy arms.  Can you just imagine what she and her sisters would look like if they did not have all the nips and tucks and fills and lasers and hair and makeup people they have working on them constantly?   Eek!    Scary.

nonmember avatar fish

Kim and her mother have no insight into themselves --- surfing the channels and hearing snippets of their reality show proves how shallow and selfish Kim and her mom really are. Lord, what a mixed up pair.

nonmember avatar Carla

I do not know one single person that watches their reality show and when we see them on the cover of any magazine we groan. I think they must pay to get on the covers because they literally have nothing to offer in the way of talent. I watch any show 2 times before I judge it but I could barely make it to the end of their show. It must be, like, because they like are like silly and like talk like using the word like alll the time. They should have a drinking game so everyone has to do a shot when they say "like". Oh wait, bad idea because the players would die from alcohol poisoning. ahahahahahahaha

nonmember avatar Jessica G.

I would agree with number three!!!! The only shows I really love and obsessed with are murder shows and Glee!!!!

belly... bellygirl

Seriously? Shockers?! Wtf is your obsession with this family? Stop taking up space at Cafe' Mom with this family. I cannot believe that you think these rerevelations are news worthy! Well I'm

claustrophobic, I've had hemmerroid surgery twice and I don't even know how to spell it, I hate snakes but don't mind

spiders, I love that I'm a Capricorn and I keep my house spotless but would rather eat sawdust than let anyone see the inside of my van. Now there's some news for ya! I know! Stupid right? However, way more interesting than KK!

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