The 5 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood (PHOTOS)


Denise RichardsBoob jobs are like hair extensions in Hollywood -- or Botox injections. Everybody's got 'em. Thing is, though, like hair extensions and Botox, not everybody knows everybody's got 'em. The good ones go unnoticed. Well, sort of. We notice them for different reasons. Like to say, "Damn, she's got nice boobs! How is that possible on such an itty bitty thing?" It's not, my friends. They're fake. Well, at least they're rumored to be fake, which works for our egos. Here are five damn good Hollywood boob jobs. Pamela Andersons need not apply.

Denise Richards. Ever since she bared it all in Wild Things, the world was let in on the fact that her rack isn't real. But who cares? It's amazing! Her boobs aren't cartoonishly big, they're just the right size. And she looks fantastic. Drink it in.



Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes. Could she stand to put on a couple of pounds? Yeah, sure. But I've gotta say, as far as breast implants on teeny-tiny women go, LeAnn's look pretty real. Like Richards, she didn't opt for the larger-than-life, Real Housewife implant, but instead a small, tasteful implant that gives her a little curve.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson. Of course, it's never been confirmed that Kate went under the knife, but if you look at old photos of the actress, the proof is in the pudding. We think she looks great both ways, but you know what: Why not? Boobs 2.0 look good.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland. Kelly's one of the few (admirable) celebs who have actually come clean about having plastic surgery. And, really, that's neither here nor there, 'cause damn, she looks good in a bikini. Yowza!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton. So, typically, we're not into too many of Paris Hilton's looks, but we've gotta say, the alleged boob job she has? Not bad. Paris sans any boobs was fine by us, but with? She looks a little more womanly.

Do you think these ladies' boob jobs look good? Anybody else we left off?


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nonmember avatar Allen

you know what is REALLY funny about Paris? i remember an article she did with her sister years ago (i think it was either in Playboy or FHM) where she said she couldn't stand fake boobs, as it made the women that had them look like strippers. i believe the term she used was "stripperish".

guess she likes to eat crow, eh?

nonmember avatar 7777

what about blake lively???

Jamie Lieb

Wow.. The first picture is the wrong person.. LeAnn's normally look terrible.. What a terrible article.. Maybe not so many drinks before you start writing next time?

nonmember avatar Mel

I didn't think the first pic was Denise Richards either, but google it, it's her! I a think the LeAnn has one of the worst boobs jobs EVER!!

nonmember avatar Expertly

Truly wept the day Kate Hudson submitted those proud perkies to the surgeon's razor.

nonmember avatar Cadetpink

Leann's bobby job is up there with Tori Spellings, you could drive a commercial vehicle through the canyon between...getting implants then getting them removed is a smart way to go bc of the body's "fat-memory", like muscle memory, when implants are removed, the FIRST place newly gained wt. goes is to the place that's easiest to fill-out. One reason when implants are removed, people look like they've gotten them redone bc they fill-out with wt. gain...

there... theresaphilly

Kelly and Paris look nice, but not a damn thing on LeAnn Rimes looks good!

nonmember avatar tina

paris hilton dosn't have a boob job she wears push ups you can tell when she's at the beach in a regular bathing suit

nonmember avatar sandy

Yes you left one out. Actually you could have put it with LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn went to the same doctor and requested the same boob job as Brandi Glanville! So seeing she is in the top five so would Brandi's be! right?

nonmember avatar MsGulfCoast

Halle Berry and Tyra Banks have the best boob jobs; however, they somehow failed to make the list. Tyra went so far as to pay a doctor to come on her show to decieve people into thinking those are her real boobs. Tyra should google her own before and after pictures. She must have forgotten that she has been photographed for a long time now. Tyra also acted in the movie, 'Higher Learning'. Tyra played a track star and she wore sports bras, workout clothes, etc. and her boobs were about a B CUP at best. And she was well into her 20s when she played that role in the movie.

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