The 5 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood (PHOTOS)


Denise RichardsBoob jobs are like hair extensions in Hollywood -- or Botox injections. Everybody's got 'em. Thing is, though, like hair extensions and Botox, not everybody knows everybody's got 'em. The good ones go unnoticed. Well, sort of. We notice them for different reasons. Like to say, "Damn, she's got nice boobs! How is that possible on such an itty bitty thing?" It's not, my friends. They're fake. Well, at least they're rumored to be fake, which works for our egos. Here are five damn good Hollywood boob jobs. Pamela Andersons need not apply.

Denise Richards. Ever since she bared it all in Wild Things, the world was let in on the fact that her rack isn't real. But who cares? It's amazing! Her boobs aren't cartoonishly big, they're just the right size. And she looks fantastic. Drink it in.



Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes. Could she stand to put on a couple of pounds? Yeah, sure. But I've gotta say, as far as breast implants on teeny-tiny women go, LeAnn's look pretty real. Like Richards, she didn't opt for the larger-than-life, Real Housewife implant, but instead a small, tasteful implant that gives her a little curve.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson. Of course, it's never been confirmed that Kate went under the knife, but if you look at old photos of the actress, the proof is in the pudding. We think she looks great both ways, but you know what: Why not? Boobs 2.0 look good.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland. Kelly's one of the few (admirable) celebs who have actually come clean about having plastic surgery. And, really, that's neither here nor there, 'cause damn, she looks good in a bikini. Yowza!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton. So, typically, we're not into too many of Paris Hilton's looks, but we've gotta say, the alleged boob job she has? Not bad. Paris sans any boobs was fine by us, but with? She looks a little more womanly.

Do you think these ladies' boob jobs look good? Anybody else we left off?


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nonmember avatar Dupe76

The first picture is in fact Denise Richards. I saw that picture in a magazine, I believe US Weekly. Plus, I have seen Cindy Crawford in a bikini on South Beach and her body is completely different...especially her mid-section and breasts. I agree on LeAnn - her implants are horrible! They look like two skeeballs thrown onto her chest. Kelly's implants look great, very natural and proportioned to her body shape.

nonmember avatar Renee

What a terrible article. Who wrote this? They should be fired. The first picture is not Denise Richards, Leanne is known for having one of the WORST celebrity boob jobs, and Paris Hilton has never even had a boob job rather wears pushup bras on and off.

Wayne Ebert

Kellie Pickler just wow, I admire them frequently.

Kellie Murray

LeAnne Rimes? Are you kidding? They are practically in her armpits plus in some pics you can see the ridge of the implant! She got a bad boob job...and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. smfh

nonmember avatar 2Market

yes...I immediately was thing that first picture was Cindy Crawford. So it is. How can you make such an odd obvious mistake like that??

nonmember avatar booped

I guarentee half of those girls don't have implants and if they do you just gave the worst example of best boob jobs. If a girl gets a boob job atleast get something worthwhile, not something pathetically small

nonmember avatar Nick

Kate Hudson used to be flat as a board, now she may have tiny boobs.

chels... chelseamcnorman

Kim Kardashian's boob job looks good too, IMHO. (C'mon, a woman in her mid-30's, who sunbathes daily, with ZERO sagging? suuuuuuure)

Rita Curry

 Who cares, who or why, anybody would get a bub job?

Kav Man

Angelina Jolie = Best natural looking boobs

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