For Kate Middleton, There's No Such Thing as a Caribbean Getaway


Mustique, the island where Kate and her family are reportedly staying
Being a Duchess can be rough. It isn't all tea and crumpets and pillbox hats all the time. Sometimes Kate Middleton just needs a break from it all. And right now, she's getting it. Duchess Catherine is currently lounging in the Caribbean sun -- on the island of Mustique, to be exact -- with her family. Her original family, that is: Mom Carole, Dad Mike, Pippa, brother James, and of course, at least two bodyguards. She left Prince William -- and all his royal baggage -- at home. 

Of course, the reason Kate isn't vacationing with her husband is because he couldn't get time off of work. He's reportedly spending this week at the Royal Air Force base near the couple's home in Anglesey, Wales, and will join Kate and her family for some fun in the sun as soon as he finishes his shift.

It is a little odd that Kate is vacationing with nary a royal, save for herself, in sight. It's sort of like the old times before she became part of "the family" and all their rules and regulations. It's gotta be so freeing and relaxing for Catherine. But, of course, the vacation won't be just like the old times.

I'm sure there are at least 10 paparazzi in various locales on the island just waiting to snag a photo of Kate. Or, of course, of Pippa. I bet it's great being away from all things stuffy and proper, but it can't be super relaxing knowing that the unwanted flash of a camera might lie just around the bend.

Although, I guess it's a small price one must pay in order to be future Queen of England. The paparazzi most certainly are annoying, but hey, not everyone gets to take a vacation from ... a lifelong vacation.

Do you think Kate will find some peace and quiet on her vacation, er, holiday?


Image via Jason Pratt/Flickr

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saousapb saousapb

I really don't care.  I'm waiting for the next half hour so I can get out of my full time job and go home to relax for a couple of hours, go to sleep at 8 and start the weekend chores of laundry, cleaning and food shopping.  I don't have that life style or feel sorry for her or her sister.

nonmember avatar Amy

There won't be paparazzi as its a private island and paparazzi aren't allowed there. That's why they go.

-Stra... -Strawberry-

I hope she's able to get some sort of peace.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Lazy person.

nonmember avatar Nina

Saousapb... Bitter much? If you "don't care" then why waste your obviously precious time reading it?

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Poor girl. Didn't she just honeymoon last year on a private island with William? And where do they get all this money from? And I don't feel sorry for Pippa-I like to where leggings as pants but don't photograph me-Middleton either. I would love a vacation more than once every decade.

nonmember avatar Indiana

Kate is such a lazy, pathetic waste of space! All she ever does is shop, visit hairdressers, apply raccoon-like eyeliner and vacation. And she's not that pretty (Pippa's even worse), or smart (her UNICEF interview. Gaaaahh). What does William even see in her?

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

catty and jealous much lol the nonmember coments are alwasy funny to read really. lol

He loves herthat is why he is with her and royal life is more than just shopping and stuff there is alot of pr stuff and you knowwhat your just acting like a jealous child. no one is a waist of space that is a sick thing to say about another human being.

shame on you...


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