'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Gets What He Deserves


Mike SorrentinoIt was a sad birthday Situation tonight on Jersey Shore. Both Pauly D and Mike were celebrating their birthdays, but while lovable Pauly D was lavished with gifts, cakes, and dinner from his family and friends (and barber), Mike got nada.

It was a little sad seeing him left out like that ... until you remembered it was Mike, and he got (or didn't get in this case) exactly what he deserved. Snooki said it best: "That's what you get for being a f*cking douchebag."

Besides being ridiculously annoying, he's just mean-spirited and incredibly immature. In the beginning of the episode, he was still trying to break up Snooki and Jionni. Not because he wants a romance with her, or anything even slightly sympathetic like that, but just because he wants to be mean. When you act like that, you don't deserve cake ... especially when you only refer to yourself in the first person.

So his whole poor-me, I'm-always-the-bad-guy act just made him look even more detestable. Then, like the big baby he is, he dipped out and left his roommates wondering where he could be. If he's really leaving, I'd say good riddance, but more likely it's his ploy to get everyone to come looking for him, then tell him how much they love him and beg him to come back. Then he'll go right back to his douchebag ways.

In other house happenings, everyone was pretty much "wastey pants" the whole time, and smushing between shots. Not unlike most episodes of this show, but just realizing that Pauly D was turning 31 and Mike 29 and they are still acting like this was almost as sad as the fact that Pauly brought home a cougar with tattoos to smash in Vinny's honor. "I made her call me Vinny," he told Vinny.

Then there was meatball day, which was almost too painful to watch. Snooki drank so much she literally couldn't walk. Both of them might as well not even wear pants (or underwear) because everything they have is always hanging out; Deena "danced" so hard her hair became one big, huge knot. I know it makes me sound old, but I just can't imagine their parents watching this stuff.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens with Mike and if we get lucky enough to see him go for good. A little new blood in the house could spice things up nicely. As long as it's not that chick from Bosnia -- what the hell was up with her?

Did you feel sorry for Mike on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore?

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lucky... luckydog1029

Nope. And holy crap! I had no idea they were that old!! Time to grow up boys.

nonmember avatar Glider


nonmember avatar Tonya

Amen, lucky! Jersey Shore used to be one of my guilty pleasures until I realized all of these idiots weren't in their early twenties. By the time most people are their ages, they have real careers, families, homes, spouses, etc. And like all reality shows, this one started out fun to watch and then got ridiculous. I mean, seriously. They're "working" in a t-shirt shop? Whatever.

doubl... doubledsmommy

I think they have made Mike look like the bad guy. Everybody forgets that he's trying to expose Snooki because she's a liar. He was also mad she called him a liar, which is understandable. All these guys treat women like shit and I barely watch the show anymore because of it. And I couldn't help but think that all the women family members and the women friends of Pauly should be disgusted about the way he treats women. Ick. I would not be okay with my son treating anyone, let alone a women when he was raised by one, that way.

nonmember avatar jessq

I thought Pauly sounded like such a dick when he said to Bosnia, "you can either come to my bed or ill call you a cab! " seriously? I thought he was a nice guy til that. Ouch! Nice to know how he treats women.

Susie19 Susie19

Mike deserved it, he's always a sneaky little jerk!  Team Pauly!!

Texas... TexasWife

I quit watching it because of Mike. 

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

jessq - The women who go to that house know PERFECTLY well what they're going there for. If they end up not wanting to smush, then that's totally their choice. The guys never force them. Pauly just laid it out for her: Either come have sex with me, or get out.
I'm not defending the neanderthals' actions in that house by any means, simply saying that when you go home with someone from a bar (especially THESE someones) you know what your'e getting yourself into. At least guys have a shred of decency and they don't force the women into doing things they really don't want to do, if they change their minds.

I can't help but feel bad for Mike. I know he's a total douche canoe, and he starts shit with everyone, but he has feelings too. I think he's an asshole because he wants attention, and he'll take what he can get, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart. It just means he's an immature asshole who can't get his shit together an act like a decent human being. I still don't like seeing him sad.

Conversely, when Snookie (or any of the girls, really) cries, I feel nothing.

froggy80 froggy80

I have a soft spot for Mike. He admitted to her he has feelings, she called him a liar for something that obviously happened.

She crushed him and insulted him. Of course he's gonna act out.

But it wasn't necessary for the other roomies to be pricks and not include him in the festivities. (Hopefully the next episode shows his friends and / or family showing up for his actual b*day.... no one deserves to feel like that.)

froggy80 froggy80

Just FYI: Paully D has always been a douche. He never outgrew that DJ / club / hook-up mentality.

We "smushed" when we were 19... he was always online on AOL / AIM and everyone knew his screen name back then. He was a nice guy 'til he got what he wanted, then he'd block you on AIM!! (Lots of girls would complain about him and this other guy Tom in the Providence AOL chatroom back in the day.)

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