Obama Asks Betty White for Birth Certificate in Funny Birthday Message (VIDEO)

president obama tribute to betty whiteToday's a big day for two of the country's most beloved ladies: The First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama and the First Lady of Comedy as far as most of us are concerned, Betty White. Besides having their b-day in common, it seems both women share a devoted fan ... that'd be President Obama. In fact, Obama hearts Betty so much that he taped an official birthday message for the now 90-year-old that aired on NBC's tribute last night.

While Republicans love to paint him as aloof or stuck up, the video's a glimpse of the real Barry -- a guy who surely appreciates all the funny that Betty's got to give. And I'm sure that's only one reason he took a quick time-out to do this shout-out to her.


Check it out ...

Hahaha, Golden Girls theme song, the headphones, the Birthers joke!! Priceless! Looks like Betty thought so, too. I love how Obama clearly has a great sense of humor about the birth certificate ridiculousness, and this message to Betty was the perfect opportunity to make a crack about it.

But not just anyone in Hollywood is worthy of the President's birthday wishes, you know. Betty's special. That's because in addition to being an actress, comedian, and author, she's an animal activist and also has never shied away from voicing her opinion on politics. Usually she's been outspoken in a hilarious, comedian's way -- like when she joked about Senator McCain responding to mail via carrier pigeon instead of email and that Sarah Palin's "one crazy bitch" on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. See, this is a woman's been around long enough to really know what's up!

Hence why she'd totally make an awesome leader herself. Sadly, the Betty White for President campaign is just a gag ... But the next best thing is the entertainer being buddies with our POTUS! And if this video's any indication, that's certainly the case.

What do you think of President Obama's birthday wishes for Betty White?


Image via TheObamaDiary/YouTube

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