6 Ways Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler Stole the Show (VIDEO)

miss america 2012 laura kaeppelerLast night, the Miss America 2012 pageant aired live from Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. No matter how you feel about the competition, it's difficult to stop watching once you turn it on. As much as they've tried to modernize the event by saying it's less about looks and sex appeal and more about what Miss America will go on to do, be, accomplish, you might still find yourself watching the bikini or evening dress competitions wondering if you're stuck in some strange pre-women's movement time warp ... which is both disturbing and fascinating all at once. And thus, you keep watching. 

That was me last night, and I gotta say, as much as certain aspects of the pageant make me cringe, I was impressed with the winner: Miss Wisconsin. I could instantly tell Laura Kaeppeler from Kenosha had a few tricks up her sleeve on her road to the crown.


Here, six ways Kaeppeler stole judges' and America's hearts last night ...

  1. She has a completely unique platform. While some of the other contestants said they would want to use their fame to support really run-of-the-mill campaigns like promoting milk -- that would have been runner-up Miss Oklahoma -- Kaeppeler explained that she wants to help children of incarcerated parents. Having been one herself, she even started her own organization, Circles of Support-Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents, which aims to "reduce the endless cycle of crime by mentoring children of incarcerated parents ... and providing resources and tools to help them positively overcome adversity." Wow -- refreshingly different, unexpected, and even better because it's a cause so close to Kaeppeler's heart.
  2. She's fair and balanced. When asked a question about whether or not Miss America should share her political leanings with the country, she offered a neutral answer, which rightfully impressed the judges. She said that "We need to be looking forward to what America needs, and I think Miss America needs to represent all." Nah, it wasn't a direct answer to the question, but it's definitely in line with what we should want anyone representing the whole country -- cough like a presidential candidate -- to feel!
  3. The woman can rock red. Hey, as long as it's part of the competition, it doesn't hurt to note that she stunned in a dazzling bejeweled red dress (see above) for her talent portion (she sang opera). Proves she's no wallflower, that's for sure!
  4. She's a daddy's girl. Her platform was inspired by her father, Jeff's 18 months in federal prison when he served time for mail fraud, and it's always great to see a young woman who has a close, happy relationship with her dad -- especially after being through something like that! After Kaeppeler was crowned, the dad and daughter posed for photos together, and he told her, "I love you." Aww.
  5. She's a football fan ... and an assertive flirt! When Kaeppeler introduced herself to viewers, she referenced her home state's Green Bay Packers (the defending Super Bowl champs!), and said, "If you're watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me," referring to the superstar QB. Ha, cute. Could those two end up the next Posh and Becks?
  6. She's incredibly ambitious. Kaeppeler has aspirations to use the scholarship money she's won to pursue a law degree and become a family attorney. Awesome!

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a campaign vid Kaeppeler made before the pageant, featuring the 10 11 reasons she should have been voted Miss America. I love it, because her confidence and charisma really comes through!


Did you watch Miss America 2012 last night? Were you rooting for Laura Kaeppeler?


Image via MissAmerica.org

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