Critics' Choice Awards Speech From 14-Year-Old Thomas Horn Is the Sweetest (VIDEO)

Out of all the winners at last night's Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the silent film The Artist took home the most trophies for best picture, score, costume design, and director. The Help also pulled down an admirable three wins from the Broadcast Film Critics’ Association, but it just might be Thomas Horn who stole the whole show.

If his name isn't familiar to you yet, I have a feeling it's going to be. Horn is the 14-year-old star of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and his performance in the film earned him a Best Young Actor award. Not bad for a kid who had zero acting experience prior to this movie, right?

Not only did he win, but his adorably excited acceptance speech? An absolute must-see. 


Horn has a very earnest, awesomely nerdy vibe to him, and that's probably because unlike most child actors, he wasn't groomed from day one to be a Hollywood moppet. In fact, he was randomly discovered a couple years ago thanks to his appearance on Jeopardy! Kids' Week ("I won $31,800 before taxes and so far I have not spent it," Horn says). His braininess and poise in front of the camera caught the eye of Scott Rudin, producer of Extremely Loud, who thought he might be a good fit for the film's young lead.

Despite his lack of experience, Horn ended up beating out more than 3,000 boys for the role of Oskar Schell, a troubled kid haunted by the loss of his father in the 9/11 attacks.

From his very first film role, he also earned his very first industry honor last night—and delivered the kind of acceptance speech that actually makes an awards show worth watching:

I mean, really. How cute is he, right?

I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of big things for this kid. Horn already seems to have a professional's approach to taking on a difficult scene:

So when I had to do an emotional scene, the director had built a little room for me. We called it "The Shack." I'd go there for 20 or 30 minutes and sit by myself and think about what Oskar was going through, what he would be feeling in that circumstance. And when I felt that I was gone and he was filling me up, I was ready to do the scene.

And he seems like a sweetheart who truly appreciates the opportunities he's been given:

It was really amazing to work with (Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock) and I learned so much from them. (...) They're really great. It was just a blast. I fell in love with them! I'm so lucky.

What a cool guy, and what a welcome relief from the Teen Mom antics I'm normally reading about when it comes to young celebrities. I'm sure with his dedication and intellect, he'll be a success at whatever he chooses to do, but for us movie fans, here's hoping he graces the big screen a few more times.

What did you think of Thomas Horn's win last night? Do you think he deserved it?

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