'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Denies Twins But Reveals Truth


Leah MesserTeen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is lashing out on Twitter at a tabloid story that reported she was once again pregnant with twins. It turns out the young mother has no intentions of being the next Kate Gosselin -- there aren't twins in her belly. Which sounds like a hearty helping of good news for fans of the 19-year-old.

Maybe she's learned something from getting pregnant just one month into a relationship with Corey Simms, giving birth to twins, finding out her child has serious medical issues, and ending up divorced within six months? Well, maybe. But don't get too comfy there folks. What makes Leah's denial so interesting isn't what she said to In Touch on Twitter but what she didn't say.

Leah's tweet yesterday only addressed the rumor that she's carrying two kids in her belly:

Thank you @intouchweekly for telling me I am having twins again, love bad reporting and fake stories, it does sound like a Soap Show! Ha!

So she's not carrying twins. Thank heavens for small mercies. But that doesn't mean she isn't pregnant with boyfriend Jeremy Calvert's baby! Leah has taken the time to deny the twins rumor, but the fact that she hasn't done the same about the rumors that she's got a bun in the oven is highly suspicious. 

Consider this: In Touch is the same source that originally broke the news that she had a bun in the oven. She didn't deny it. The story has since spread to other news outlets, paired with the rumor that she was also engaged to Calvert after just a few months of dating (and less than a year after her divorce from Corey, father of twins Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace), and again, she hasn't denied it despite an active social media presence with ample opportunities to go off on rumors. I'm going to call this one team pregnant.

How about you? Do you think Leah's lack of denial is a confirmation that she and Calvert are expecting a little sibling for the twins?


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nonmember avatar Christina

yeah, she is preggo, and yes she is engaged to this guy. doesnt shock me at all

alena... alenasmommy2010

I know for a fact Leah IS pregnant, AND engaged to her new boyfriend, but she cant say the reports are true yet becasue of her MTV contract. 

Kritika Kritika

Well I guess we will all find out eventually :)

kscraft kscraft

why does it matter if she is or isn't that is her life and she probably isn't saying anything b/c of the talk that's gonna happen anyways why can't ppl just let her live her life and leave her alone and look after her babies and find out what is wrong with Ali and get the help that she needs...God bless you Leah I know how it feels to be raising twins and no it is not an easy job to do I have a set of 11 year old twin girls and one feels the pain of the other when something isn't going right.

nonmember avatar Makayla

Just because she hasn't came out and said she hasn't you can't say she is! She will come and say it when she wants the world to know!

nonmember avatar kayla

What does it even matter if she is pregnant again or who she is with.. the main thing and most important she is there for her daughters and addresses their medical needs like she needs to as a mother.. she does a lot better than most teenage parents with or without twins.. I think the news people need to focus their time on those that are on teen mom that aren't doing as well as leah! Leah is an awesome mother.. so leave her a lone and if she's pregnant with twins or not.. or engaged after not even a year from corey.. let her go she is happy.. and as long as the girls are taken care of that's all that matters!

hutch... hutchfam2007

 I will believe it when she comes out and says it herself...

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

She ain't sayyn cuz she ain't aloud too. Hopfuly that new guy is good 4 her && her girls && posible New babby.

small... smallkatty

if she don't want people talking shit about her then maybe she should stop being on the teen mom show and people would not get all up in her business

Azkad... Azkadelia72711


Even if she were to leave teen mom at this point, she's such a role model for people, paparazzi are still going to follow her around.

Personally, its leah's life. if she IS pregnant again, good for her. If she isn't, good for her. Let her live her life the way she wants to. There are other teen moms out there that I bet are in the same situation, but because they are in the spotlight, their lives aren't being ridiculed.

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