'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Wants to Be the Next Kate Gosselin


They say once you've had twins, the likelihood that it will happen again increases significantly. If In Touch is to be believed, then Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, already a twin mama once, has done it again. The 19-year-old, who is pregnant, is said to be expecting twins. The plan is to parlay her giant little family into her own show, much like Kate Gosselin. Because that worked out so well.

First, of course, let's consider the source. In Touch is notoriously wrong in reporting on things and Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans tweeted that it was all a lie. Still, we can't deny that it was In Touch that first broke the news of Leah's pregnancy in the first place. So is she expecting twins? Stranger things have happened.

The fact is, she probably shouldn't have one baby at her age, let alone four. She is a good mom in many ways, but she is simply too young. There is so much living that happens between 19 and 25, and while her friends are doing it, she isn't.

She may not regret it now, but when she is 40 and looking back on her life, she will wish she had enjoyed her youth unencumbered by grown-up responsibilities. So why does she keep on piling them on?

Of all the teen moms on the show, Leah has had the roughest go. She has a little one (Aliannah) who has some kind of slow development, though the underlying cause is unclear and she has spent the first months of her life constantly in and out of doctor's offices. She is only 19 and she is dealing with things many people twice her age have never dealt with.

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Now she wants to add twins to that? And if her reasoning is really because she wants to be like Kate Gosselin, she may want to reconsider. Gosselin's life hasn't exactly worked out as she expected. Sure, she has had some major surprises and became famous. But her fame is waning, interest is at an all-time low, her show was canceled, and now she is a single mom to eight kids.

Is that what Leah wants for her life, too? Quite frankly, 19 isn't the best age to be making huge decisions like this. I understand many people become moms at 19 and it happens and they can be good moms, but it isn't the ideal. And four kids is just too many. If her reasoning seemed sound, then I might not judge and just chalk it up to someone who has different goals for their life than I. But that isn't the case here.

She seems to want to use her uterus to make her a star and that just seems like a recipe for disaster.

Do you think the rumors are true?


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justj... justjess09

Teenmomtalk.com is saying its only one baby.

amysa... amysangelsfcc

One baby or two... it was extremely irresponsible on her part.

ashja ashja

She owns her own home and makes $100k+ a year. How is that irresponsible??

MyMan... MyManMatthew

I have to agree with ashja if I made that much money i would love to be a mommy of many even at 22 years old

hutch... hutchfam2007

I doubt its twins and even if it was its not like it was a CHOICE she made. Perhaps the pregnancy was a choice but twins would be a surprise just like they were the first time. I am not putting any faith in this rumor that it is twins. And until she comes out and says herself that she is pregnant, I dont fully believe that either...

Delamara Delamara

Why?? What ever happened to saving it? She isn't making $100K off that dental job and MTV isn't going to be paying her forever. Esp with her daughter already having issues, money put off to the side is just smart in case she needs futher care later on. But no....go ahead and let her think 3 babies under the age of 20 is a smart idea. I think that for the situation she's in she's handling it alright, but early on in her story she had a very hard time waiting to just be home with the girls all the time. She wanted to go and party and how is she going to do that with 3 kids? 

Justa... Justamom283

I agree with Delamara. Having $ and being able to afford it doesn't mean its right. Even if she is making that much she won't be making it forever. Leah comes across as a typical teenager STILL even though she handles being a mom better than some of the others on the show. She has impulse control issues. Get married, get divorced, get with the a new guy right away, have sex, get pregnant again! How about save some money and enjoy the 2 you have instead of trying to be a new wife and mother all over again. Slow down and enjoy what you have.

justj... justjess09

She is pregnant and engaged... http://iphoneipad247news.com/2012/01/leah-messer-is-having-my-baby-reveals-fiance-jeremy-calvert-2/

Kritika Kritika

Seriously, maybe if we would stop making women feel so bad about their too young/wrong time/wedlock/irresponsible pregnancies there wouldn't be so many abortions out there. Jesus why don't we talk about Janelle or Amber who are pathetic excuses for mothers instead of Leah?

Sure she could have used birth control but so could everyone else out there that has kids. She loves her children dearly, bottom line. I'm sure she and her loving family will figure a way to take care of them even if the money runs out.

memek... memekisses

Thank you Kritika!! I'm soooo done with people bashing on young moms! Her being young and being irresponsible are two completely different things!

*if* she is having twins I'm pretty sure she didn't choose that. Either way, its not me so idc

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