Khloe Is a Kardashian Even if Cruel Rumors Are True


khloe kardashian mason disick
Khloe Kardashian and nephew Mason Disick
Vicious rumors about the Kardashians are nothing new, but the latest buzz has got to be hitting Khloe Kardashian where it hurts. Robert Kardashian's ex-wife and widow have come forward with a shocking revelation: Both women claim that Robert seriously doubted Khloe was his biological child.

Obviously this raises about a zillion questions, but this is the one thing I really want to know: Why are they doing this now? What do Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian have to gain from spilling the alleged secret? (Besides a fat check, of course.)

It's a cruel and spiteful thing to do, especially considering Khloe has already struggled with her identity as the "different" Kardashian. I mean, really. This is a girl who shoved a cotton swab in her unsuspecting mother's mouth in a quest for DNA because she thought she was adopted.

I just have to wonder how this is going to affect Khloe, who's recently established herself as The Level-Headed Kardashian Sister. I would hate to see all the gossip send her into an emotional tailspin ... even if it does turn out to be true.

That's what makes these particular rumors so hurtful ... there's a fair amount of evidence suggesting Robert Kardashian's ex-wife and widow aren't making this stuff up. (Not least of all Kris Jenner confessing that yes, she did cheat on Robert in her new book.) Combine that shocker with the physical and intellectual traits distinguishing Khloe from Kourtney and Kim ... well, it's definitely a possibility.

But at this point, what does it matter? Apart from the potential value of Khloe discovering her roots, etc., which could be quite a journey. What really gets me is this statement made by Ellen Kardashian (who, as it turns out, filed for bankruptcy in 2010 ... hmm): Even though Robert didn't think Khloe was his, she said, "He never would have considered a DNA  test. He loved her very much."

So I'm guessing he probably wouldn't have told Ellen or Jan if he knew they were going to sell his story to Star magazine after his death.

And it's the gratuitous use of her father's name that's really getting to Khloe. She tweeted:

"The audacity you have to use my father's name like this! Should be ashamed of urself!"

Spoken like a true Kardashian.

Do you think this latest rumor about Khloe Kardashian crosses the line?


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i.hea... i.heart.nerds

Honestly, she is the only one that doesn't make me want to poke my eyes out.

She is by far the prettiest imo.

Stacey. Stacey.

Maybe its becasue the slut she calls mom admitted to having affairs while married to robert.

Kritika Kritika

In all fairness, while my little sister and I look alot like - neither of us look ANYTHING like our older sister. Same parents although we joke about an affair.

cocob... cocobeannns

Some of the writers on here are in such denial about the Kardashians. Obviously Khloe is not a "Kardashian".

Javi0... Javi05Eli07

Not all siblings born of the same parents look alike or even have the same body type.  My husband is 6 ft and his parents and sisters are all 5' 6" and shorter, his grandfathers were tall though..  My oldest son takes after daddy in size and looks, while my 2 youngest take after me.

starl... starlight1968

lol my sister and I do NOT look anything alike but have the same parents I took after my mom's side, sister took after dad's side... you don't have to be "twins" to be from the same parents....sigh.

MIA0223 MIA0223

I think.its very mean.

My sister and I have the same parents and don't look even a little related!

Its sad they are cashing in on a rumor that could hurt their step child.

CPN322 CPN322

Javi... - My love is the exact same! But his uncle on his mothers side is very tall and he resembles him in his body structure and facial features.

Not sure if this rumor is true, but it certainly isn't nice and I'm sure her father would be ashamed of his ex wife and widow.

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

Gotta say, I have a son with light brown, soft hair and light eyes, and another with black course/curly hair and dark eyes.  The one with the light features doesn't look like any of his siblings or parents, but my husband looks at him and sees his fathers features ( my husband strongly resembles his mothers side). I gave birth to him, I did not have an affair, but it is crazy how much he doesn't look like any of us. To add to that, his brother and sister have always been very tall for their age, and he is not nearly as big as his brother was at his age. IT HAPPENS!! 

nonmember avatar Bren

Yes I think it's true

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