Jenelle Evans Latest Arrest Shows She'll Never Change


What I'm about to tell you may be incredibly shocking to hear, so you might want to sit down if you aren't already. Are you ready for this? Okay: deep breath in, deep breath out ... another Teen Mom star has been arrested, you guys.


Okay, I guess I don't need to be sarcastic about a young woman's persistent tour of mug shot central, especially when there's a young child involved, but come on. Forever-troubled Jenelle Evans has been arrested again? For fighting with another woman—again?

What on earth is it going to take for the 20-year-old Teen Mom 2 "star" to get her act together? Because god knows we can't count on the MTV cameras to stop rolling.

Evans, who has been busted in the past for a brawl caught on tape, violating her probation, breaking and entering, drug possession, and god only knows what else, was booked yesterday morning in Brunswick County for allegedly giving "harassing phone calls" and "communicating threats" to her onetime roommate, Hannah Inman.

Hopefully she's not going to try and defend herself in court via the written word, because her follow-up explanation on Facebook was ... well, here, enjoy:

Yes I was arrested again. It's okay, Hannah's just calling her own bluffs. How can I harass u with phone calls when u clearly don't own a cell phone? I've dropped this argument weeks ago. Haven't been paying attention to u but u have the balls to tell yr little 'fans'.. 'imma f—king kill that bitch' ?! How's threatening who here ?!

Yeah, judge, how's threatening who? Case closed.

Evans attorney claims the charges are "
completely absurd and retaliatory in nature," which I would totally believe except, you know, this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about. I'm not sure there are too many people who are likely to give her the benefit of the doubt on this.

Evans is, as she wrote on Twitter, "free as a biiirrrrddddd :D" now that she's posted a $1,000 bond, but this latest run-in with the law may mean more trouble down the road, since she's already on probation for a 2011 violent street fight with another woman. She should be worrying about jail time ... but I'm guessing Evans has other things to do. Like
get wasted and make out with her new roommate, whom she presumably has not yet threatened in any way other than potentially exposing her to oral herpes.

It seems like it's just one thing after another with these
Teen Mom girls. I'd say MTV should be giving some serious thought to moving on from this particular reality show, but let's be real: every arrest and personal drama just means more ratings for the network. Someone's cashing in on the mess these young women are making of their lives, and you'd think they'd wise up to realize it's not them.

Are you surprised to hear that Jenelle Evans has been busted again?

Image via MTV

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CPN322 CPN322

It actually does seem like this was done in retaliation for her pressing charges against that creepy 40 year old ex-boss of hers that the girl who is claiming to be threatened happens to be dating. We shall see. I really hope that is the case.

nonmember avatar Cee

Mtv is giving these girls too much money, attention and entitlement issues. I mean, isnt another mom in jail? They must be so proud for ruining these girls for the sake of ratings

shell... shellyplatz

MTV isn't ruining their lives they are ruining their own. THEY make their own choices, if anything the money they make from the show should help them to better themselves.

Jenelle does not really want to be a mother. If she did she would have got her ass off the phone chasing after Kiefer and got up and watched HER son when her mother asked her to. She cared more about that loser than her own son.

nonmember avatar mari

Not trying to be mean, I like your blogs. But I've seen incorrect grammar on your blog and other blogs. Everyone makes typos.

I'm a younger mother, and I can tell you if I had cameras following me I definitely would act like an angel. I wouldn't want everyone who watches my show to think I was a moron. I'm not bad I don't party, or fight or use drugs or anything. I'm 21 and rarely drink. Don't blame mtv for the actions of the girls, what they do is their fault.

Saerise Saerise

I feel sorry for Jenelle. As you can see from the show, she completely lacks common sense or critical thinking skills, and repeatedly makes the same bad choices. That said, I've seen the war of words going between her and this Hannah person, and the girl is just as bad as Jenelle. So I think the charges are likely very iffy, considering the source. Not that Jenelle won't continue to be arrested. And you're right. I don't believe she will ever learn. She will probably end up homeless and stay on drugs. For her sake and her son's, I really really hope she proves me wrong. But you won't see me holding my breath here.

theon... theonlyone433

No one is ruining those girls!! They are doing it all by themselves. It seems to me that the more unstable a teen mom seems to be, the more likely MTV is to put them  on the show.

momav... momavanessa

She is an Idiot! So of course I am not suprised that she got arrested. Also I can't believe she would not watch HER OWN CHILD that one time her mother needed to go pay a bill. Instead she lays in her bed and keeps calling her deadbeat boyfriend! She is a horrible mother that picks a loser boyfriend over her own son! She needs to GROW UP!

Kiram... Kiramommy08

Shes sooo stupid. Her mom actually trusted ger to leave her alone with HER CHILD for a change and she sittin her dumb ass in the room crying over that sorry ass dude. omg! Wtf. She just never fails to amaze me.

lvele... lvelegante

She's insecure, feels unloved and has a mouth on her the size of Texas.  She does nothing positive with her time nor is she interested in being a mother except on HER terms.  If she has to go to jail then so be it.  Whatever it takes to nudge this KID toward mature adult behavior is okay by me.  Obviously, she's one of those who will have to learn everything the hard way.  She's unrepentant about her actions, so the words GROW UP need to be tattooed across her forehead!

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

you do know that most of the time in the real world stuff like that would not be worth going to jail over. you do understand its a lot for tv ratings right?

they are messing with these kids for ratings it makes for good tv put 2 people with explosive personalities that normally have it under control and throw stuff at them to cause trouble and then watch the show, toss in few cops and bingo we have a hit!

Its sad that they are possibly ruining these ladies lives with the tv ratings s--t.

The more you watch the worse it will get the best thing to do to really help these kids having kids is turn the channel.

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