Beyonce Hijacks Maternity Ward in Most Annoying Diva Act of All Time


Beyonce and Jay-ZIn the U.K., they have Wills and Kate, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, etc. Even Pippa Middleton. These are actual royals (or royals by association), so you can at least somewhat understand the fancy-pants position they're put in by their public -- and the world. Here, we worship pop stars, movie stars, and tabloid staples. So it's no wonder our appetite for Beyonce's baby news has been out of control. Baby Blue Ivy is the heir apparent to her parents' hip-hop Hall of Fame thrones.

But as true as that all may be, it doesn't excuse parents B and Jay-Z for acting like totally selfish schmoes while welcoming her into the world. The latest on Camp Carter is that the couple paid $1.3 mil. to rent out an entire wing of Lenox Hill Hospital for the birth ... and in turn, their security blocked other parents from visiting their newborns. Ewww. And we thought other celebs' diva behavior was obnoxious!

It wasn't that long ago that Alec Baldwin caused anguish and frustration for other American Airlines passengers when he got all worked up about having to shut down his electronic device like everyone else. As much as I love him, Jason Bateman thought he could get away with cutting the iPhone line in L.A. a while back. And remember when Kim Kardashian had Vera Wang shut down her store in July so she could get her bridal dress shoppin' on? Really -- who do these people think they are?

More on Beyonce's Delivery: Beyonce Addresses Baby Drama & Denies a Diva Delivery

To be fair, it is sort of a chicken or the egg type situation ... Do celebs feel entitled to behave like this, because we put them on a pedestal and also because fans and paparazzi make it impossible for them to live their lives in a normal way? For instance, just for argument's sake, let's say B and J hadn't rented out that entire wing of Lenox Hill ... Maybe just had a suite or even two suites. Would a photog somehow have gotten all up in B's first breast feeding session?

I'm sure that's what they were freaked out about, but ehhh ... I dunno how much they really needed to worry about that. I still feel like they could have still had security without it being this crazed, "we're going to own 1/4 of the hospital" deal that locked a father out from seeing his preemie twins! And the same is true for the rest of these celebs who think they can get away with "I'm such a VIP" behavior. Sure, they're entitled to privacy as much as anyone else, but more often than not, their attempts to protect themselves -- or be treated differently than everyone else -- go too far.

What do you think about Beyonce and Jay-Z's "diva" behavior at Lenox Hill? Do you think celebs deserve to shut down stores, cut lines, prevent flights from taking off, just because they're famous?

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Snark... Snarkymom

ummm, no because its the hospital's responsibility to make sure the other families have access to their newborns. i think they just want to make sure there's no photogs tryna snap the first pic or psycho stalker tryna snatch the baby.

Slieu... Slieurance

If I was prevented from seeing my children I would be throwing a fit. That is crazy.

It is one thing for a retailer to close their own store for a customer. I can always shop elsewhere, but if my children are in the hospital, and because of some celebrity I am not allowed to see them I would be raising hell.

angev... angevil53

i don't know if i believe that story, if it were me they'd be calling the police.

navyw... navywife0204

No, No, No, NO!!  Hell NO!  I don't care who you are, You are not keeping me from my child!  this is why I had both my daughters room in with me.  What about the other mothers who had gone in to labor or were in the birthing rooms.  were they told to go elsewhere or kicked out?  I highly doubt B was the only one in labor that night...

white... whitebreads

Parents allegedly had a hard time getting in the NICU. If I couldnt get to my baby I would be calling the police and file a law suit. How dare they? The director of the hospital should step down after this. I'm floored that a couple of ignorant (yes ignorant!) celebrities can take down hospital. Post partum mothers dont need this shit.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I am a fan of Beyonce and her hubby but this was ridiculous! A man couldn't see his children! Who the hell do they think they are??? They took this too far...I would sue their asses...They would have to call the cops on me cause I would be raising holy hell! It's a hospital not a freakin shopping mall.....DAMN SHAME....RICH BASTARDS FULL OF THEMSELVES! devil

nonmember avatar Girlwiththebook

If they wanted complete privacy, why not a home birth? Assuming she had a normal pregnancy. At least at home they could keep things quiet just like they did for their wedding. Restricting new parents from their babies is a little over the top. If you're that worried about interruptions do it at home or go to a quiet small birthing center.

nonmember avatar Gertie

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? If that is true, then that is HIDEOUS. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HIDEOUS. And I just lost the small bit of respect I had for those people. WHAT JERKS.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I pray this story is not true! I know Bey and Jay are crazy famous, but I always thought they seemed like nice people. If someone ever tried to keep me away from my babies we would be fighting for sure.

nonmember avatar SLG

I think the HOSPITAL was out of line here too! This was a planned thing and the hospital should have made sure that this didn't disrupt their daily happenings (ie NICU visitors). I'm positive that it wasn't B & J's intention to stop people from seeing their baby (i mean, how hypocritical would that be?)

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