'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: NeNe & Marlo Make Nice ... for Now


Marlo Hampton
Marlo Hampton
After a two-week hiatus, The Real Housewives of Atlanta were back this week and embarking on all sorts of new endeavors. The most interesting and enlightening, however, was NeNe Leakes' new friendship with Marlo Hampton

Marlo is the girlfriend of Charles Grant, who NeNe dated briefly in the past. There had been some tension between the two women previously, but tonight they decided to get together and make nice. NeNe assured Marlo that Charles had never seen her Hello Kitty, and Marlo casually revealed her criminal past -- BIG criminal past. As in she's been arrested seven times.

That was a bit of a shock from the Channel-clad socialite. She said she'd been in a bar altercation a few years back, and spent six months in jail. She alluded to some probation violations and revealed a bit about the non-ideal circumstances she'd grown up in. NeNe did a good job concealing her shock and seemed to take it all in stride ... for now.

She even showed up at a jewelry fundraiser to which Marlo had invited her. She didn't buy any jewelry (I don't need a $25,000 pair of earrings," she said.) and didn't know who the Dalai Lama was, but she showed her support. Shopping, socialite events, and all, I don't think these two will be besties for long. NeNe is pretty judgemental, and they both seem to like to be the center of attention, so I predict problems.

Speaking of tension, Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas, are on the rocks big time. She was pissed about him leaving her opening event without any notice, and his best defense was, "I don't like to say goodbye." They sought counseling, and finally toward the end he gave her a bone about how much he loves her, but I don't see forever in their future at all.

The forever after was the focus of Phaedra Parks tonight as she tried to convince her husband Apollo that all the souls and stuff of the funeral business aren't creepy. He's still not going to touch any dead bodies, but after touring a funeral home, he did agree to support the business. So Fantasy Funerals by Phaedra is a go, and she will indeed be putting the "boom in tombs" with her "funerals good enough to die for." That is going to be interesting to watch.

Do you think NeNe and Marlo will eventually clash? Do you think Cynthia and Peter's marriage will survive?

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nonmember avatar kay

I think the producers had to pair Nene and Marlo together because Nene doesn't have anyone else she can really do scenes with except Cynthia. She's not friendly with anyone else. I also don't get the story about a bar fight...you don't get six months for fighting unless you used a weapon or was at least already on probation for something much more serious. Besides that, this show is getting pretty boring. Especially since it comes on after Mob Wives!! Can we get a post on that?

doubl... doubledsmommy

Kay hit the nail on the head. Mob Wives is much more entertaining.

Snark... Snarkymom

I would LOVE to dish about Mob Wives and how Karen can't seem to get over herself and now has a partner in crime to back up her old grudges.  I feel like I need xanax after watching MW...and I love that feeling :)

doubl... doubledsmommy

Yeah, Karen and Ramona really pissed me off. They double teamed Drita, and when she flipped an nailed Ramona, then Ramona tried to blame it on a guy. Admit Drita nailed you. Then Karen tries to say she put Drita in the hospital. Unreal.

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