Amber Rose's Kim Kardashian Bashing Won't Make Her Famous


kim kardashianYou remember Amber Rose, don't you? You know her from such classics as ex-stripper; one-time girlfriend of Kanye West; and taker of nude photos that spread across the Internet like wildfire. Twice. Well, she has a new hit to add to her list: World's Most Obvious Fame Whore.

Amber thought that now -- as in a few days ago -- was a good time to sit down with Star magazine to talk about why she and Kayne broke up. Her reason? Kim Kardashian. And she did not mince words. Oh, and while she was at it, she claimed that Kim cheated on Reggie Bush to boot.

Amber said: "Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She’s a homewrecker!” She goes on to say that while she was dating Kanye, and while Kim was dating Reggie, the two hooked up. She said: “They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” And she claims that Kim is the one who initiated the tryst by sending Kayne racy photos of herself.

Amber continued, "(Kim) was sending pictures, and I was like, 'Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person.'" But Kim, according to Amber, never responded.

Here's the problem I have with this whole fascinating tidbit of gossip: Why is Amber just telling this story now? She and Kanye have been broken up for a while. Why not share this with the world shortly after the break-up? I know why! Because Kim and her oft-speculated love life are currently hotter than ever. Kim's always been a tabloid fixture, but since her divorce from Kris Humphries, coverage of her has quadrupled. And Amber wants in on some of that coverage.

If Kim did do this to Amber, I feel bad for her. Not cool, Kim. But because Amber's first telling this story now, I'm going to have to side with Kim. Just seems too fishy.

Do you think Kim and Kanye hooked up?

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nonmember avatar Miki

Amber was under a gag order from Kanye. It is well-known. Apparently, it is no longer in effect now. Do some research. It is well-known here in SoCal that Kim K does not make a relationship stop here from going after someone she wants. If you look at some old clips of interviews with her sisters, they slyly allude to this. Another known fact is that the fam is not as close as they appear. Khloe and Rob are the "realest" of the adults. The younger ones are also pretty cool but they have not been tainted by the fame...yet.

Stacey. Stacey.

I think Amber and Kim should fight 'til death.

Saucy... SaucyChef26

who cares, they should both get lost.. with all the tabloid stuff about them..

nonmember avatar sinead s

I agree.

nonmember avatar kat

mom knows best reggie.....

nonmember avatar Renae

You should believe it. I don't know personally about THIS particular situation but I know of some behavior from Kim that is questionable regarding her on /off relationship with Reggie.

So this story about her cheating on Reggie ( who probably did his own dirt) is not too far fetched. Maybe Amber Rose had to answer the question to be featured in The mag , you know, agree to certain terms to be featured. She is clearly trying to launch new "ventures" so the publicity probably is helpful.....maybe?

nonmember avatar Intheknow

Those of us in NOLA know that Reggie was cheating on Kim. He was hitting it with a brunette that is now engaged to his former teammate (Garrett Hartley).

Scoop and photos were on if anyone cares to look it up.

nonmember avatar om

Don't see why its a big deal bashing would be her making up false lies to get more attention if this stuff really happened then hey who are we to judge how and when a person decides to speak on it. It makes no sense for people to get mad at her because she was asked a question and answered it.

nonmember avatar Marion

I'm sorry but you need to check some of your facts. The Amber/Kanye/Kim/Reggie saga has been out there for quite a while now. Amber isn't "just now" coming out with anything new so you can let Kim keep her World's Most Obvious Fame Whore title.

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