'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Should NOT Be Pregnant Right Now


Say what you will about Teen Mom Jenelle Evans or Teen Mom Amber Portwood. Neither of them is so insane to add another baby to the mix of problems. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Leah Messer. The Teen Mom 2 star is rumored to be pregnant and getting married, according to Us Weekly.

True or not, the 19-year-old star really needs to slow it down for a moment or two. She has 2-year-old twins, born when she was just 17, and she only recently divorced their father. There is simply no reason to jump into yet another baby and another marriage before she is even 20.

Of course it's nice to have siblings that are close in age (assuming this is her reason), but it's also nice to move slowly in matters of love and child rearing; otherwise, you risk catastrophe. She has already done it once, so why do it again?

It's odd, too, because Messer seems to have one of the better heads on her shoulders. But just like Maci on Teen Mom, Messer seems hell bent on pushing things forward at breakneck speed. Maybe that is why both girls ended up as teen moms in the first place.

The fact is, Messer has decades of fertility left and plenty of time to focus on her girls and help them make better decisions. She can eventually fall in love, marry, and have more kids if she wants them. There is just no reason to do it now.

Even if she wants the kids to be close, even one year would make a difference. This just seems, assuming it's true, like an impulsive decision and one that is bound to backfire. Sure, maybe she will prove me wrong and I will eat my words, but so what? Even if they do make it longer than she and Corey did or even if they last forever, there is still no reason she needs to do it right now.

What happened to independence or enjoying freedom or even to focusing on her babies solely for a little while. It's her life to manage, but it just seems like she might be better served if she waited a little while and focused on herself.

If it's the truth, then so be it. But if not, maybe she will reconsider and wait a bit before puling the goalie and making yet another big leap too soon.

Do you think she is rushing it?

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paren... parentalrights1

I think it's none of your business. I think if you don't even know whether it's true or not, then you need to keep your opinions about whether she's "rushing things" to yourself. You're not in her life and you don't get a vote.

MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

She seems like a nice person, and I hope everything goes well.  I'm sure she's made some money from the show and all of those magazines.  However, I would worry about another baby getting the same genetic defects as the other baby.  It might be mean to say, but I think its pretty obvious where they come from... Leah's mother.

nonmember avatar Nikki

I think when they put their lives on TV it makes it everyone's business. It may be true that no one "gets a vote". But people have a right to state their opinions.

I also think that she is rushing things. I mean come on, she already has twins. One of which has developmental problems. On the show you also hear her complain a lot about not getting to be a normal teenager and do things like go to college. Does she really think another baby is going to make it any easier?

Jespren Jespren

The dark side of 'choice' it's supposed to be a woman's choice when and how many kids to have, but the only 'choice' talking heads will say anything but negatives about is if a woman waits until the twilight years of her fertility and has 1, maybe 2 kids. Anything else is just stupid. Right. I don't agree with out of wedlock births (kids need their parents, shotgun weddings happened for a reason). But once that pregancy is there the time for such advice is *over*. This woman is taking advantage of her most fertile and healthy years for childbearing, she has greatly reduced her risk for breast cancer and other 'female' cancers, and has kids when she's young enough to be active with them, both as babies/toddlers, but also when they are graduating. It's also the most biologically normal time to have kids. Her divorce and lack of husband may be tragic, her children are not.

MomoJL MomoJL

parentalrights1 - I'm not sure if you're aware that this is a site for gossip and opinions.  Writing about these things - and expressing opinions - is exactly what the author's job is!  If you don't like it go read a NEWS site.  People like you are tiring.

nonmember avatar Cafee

you guys should really shut your face and stop worrying about people just be glad your kids didnt have their legs open and spiting babies. You females are dumb. -_-

nonmember avatar April

I think she is rushing into it...Her and Jermey got together in october. and now they are engaged and her pregnant..that makes her look bad. she didnt get a chance to really know cory before having sex with him and getting pregnant with twins 1 month after dating and now she is divorced and with a new guy and pregnant again..thats crazy. She needs to get her life straight before getting married again and having another baby

nonmember avatar Lynne 71

parentalrights 1: Wow. I thought everyone was entitled to an opinion. It is being reported she is engaged and pregnant. She is on highly rated tv show which makes her subject to the writer's opinion and everyone else who wants to chime in. If it's no one's business she wouldn't chose to get paid to be on a quote on quote reality tv show.

It seems the writer is simply concerned as an outsider looking in and I would agree. She's already pregnant again so what's done in done in that regard but as far as a 2nd marriage in less than 2 years and your not even 20, that's too much. Focus on those babies and getting them off to the best possible future. Having a child with disabilities I pray for her and the health of this new baby.

Mbles... Mblessesd4x

I love Leah but she has always ( at least what the show has shown) made rash decisions ie: having sex with corey after a month, cheating on him, getting bk together, moving in so soon, marrying corey so soon, and well if the rumors are true cheating AGAIN, and now this Jeremy dude ( btw they've been together since august NOT october ) but the important thing is. She is a great mom!!!! Yes her decisions may not be full of thought but she's young and still has immaturity to work on. I agree that she is insane to not be careful if she is indeed prego again but let's give credit where credit is due. She can afford it, and she has a great supper system nit to mention parenting skills.

Mbles... Mblessesd4x

*support system * not to mention

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