5 Celebrity Bikini Bodies Too Hot for Winter (PHOTOS)


jessica alba bikiniNew year, new you, am I right? January is that fateful month of forced renewal that guilts us into eating less and sweating more. It's the worst. I look for motivation wherever I can get it -- anything to make me get out of bed at 6 a.m. and head to that god forsaken hurt locker I mean gym. It's a struggle every darn time, but looking at photos of celebs in bikinis helps. It kind of makes you think if they can do it, so can I. Never mind that they've got personal trainers, chefs, and yoga instructors ... let's just put their advantages aside for a second and get inspired by their hotness. We can look like that, too! We hope!

So if getting bikini ready is a goal of yours in 2012, here are 5 celebs with killer beach bods who will goad you into working on your fitness.

There's Jessica Alba, mother of two, looking toned to perfection on the beaches in Mexico. Two syllables: ka-pow. That's one hot mama.

miley cyrus bikini

Miley Cyrus is looking fantastic. She's got time on her side, seeing how she's only 19, but she's an inspiration no less. Look at those abs!

gisele bikini

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is a fine line between motivating and discouraging, but damn: Will you look at what God gave her.

lindsay lohan bikini

Lindsay Lohan's bikini body is surprisingly terrific. She may not treat her body that well -- what with the Red Bull, vodka, cigarettes, and alleged drug use -- but you'd never know it from this pic. Girl looks good.

kristin cavallari bikini

A bikini post without Kristin Cavallari is like a cake without icing: What's the point? Seen here in Miami, Kristin knows how to work it.

Which celebs inspire you to work out?


Photos via Splash News



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amand... amanda_mom89

I do not think lindsey lohan looks good at all. Being skinny isn't everything. She looks completely unhealthy to me..the life she lives has definitely taken a toll on her.

Also, I think there is a wide range of beautiful bodies that is not represented here at all.

I'll pass on being jealous of celebs and supermodels.

jagam... jagamama0710

Yeah, I was going to say I don't think Lindsay looks good. I actually think Miley Cyrus looks the best out of these pics.

jagam... jagamama0710

But anyway, to answer your question: None do, really. I look at old pictures of myself in great shape in a bikini from a couple years ago and remember how healthy and happy I felt. That motivates me more than looking at a celebrity because I know for a fact how hard I worked to get that way and I know I can look like that again. I just need to have the will power.

linzemae linzemae

They all look too skinny to me

jalaz77 jalaz77

Jessica looks the greatest and most realistic. Gisele is a model, lyndsay?!?! Um no comment there, Miley is 19, Kristin looks as if she is sucking it in, her upper body is disproportionate to the rest of her. Jessica can be any of us with work, or close ; ) she looks healthy.

ashja ashja

That pic of Miley is a couple of years old...it was in people mag probably 2 years ago. Lindsay looks rode hard and put away wet. I wish you would have shown Julia Roberts or Cindy Crawford. Two beautiful 40-something moms who look healthy, happy, and un-obsessed...

lifeh... lifehappy

Lindsay Lohan DOES NOT look good or healthy...she looks like a junkie.

Alann... AlannaMaria

Ewww... Lindsay Lohan looks NASTY, I'm sorry! Her body is boring, no curves, and her skin is gross. Her skin is like a 40 year old crack head.

mumma... mummajenni

Agree that this should have stuck to moms only...

nonmember avatar Beauty&Class

Worst "Best Bikini Bodies" I have ever seen. Sure, Jessica is cute, Miley...ahhh... normal for a scrawny teen, Gisele- duh! She's a model. But Lindsey & Kristen?? Nahhhh...Lindsey looks like a junkie & Kristen? Her top is waaay bigger than her bottom. Sure- they are "Skinny" but not inspirations by any means.

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