'Revenge' Sneak Peek Will Get You Hooked (VIDEO)

revenge Emily VanCampWhat are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, cancel your plans so you can spend the next 10 hours on Hulu catching up on the most tantalizing series of the year: Revenge. Your personal happiness in 2012 depends on this. Forget the Kardashians and the Housewives, this is going to be your new favorite television show.

Revenge has everything: Gorgeous clothes, cute guys, bad-ass women, blackmail, crazy rich people throwing money around in insane ways, fake suicides, temporary amnesia, mistaken identity, seething grudges, wicked scheming, betrayals, furtive cellphone conversations, fabulous hair, should I go on? I am so obsessed with this soap drama, I may come down with withdrawal shakes before Episode 11 finally premieres on January 4. But here's a sneak peek.


So what's this show about? When she was a child, the father of Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) was framed for a crime he did not commit. He's dead now, but she's back as an adult, living in the same house, and she's got an elaborate plan for revenge against the people who framed her father! And her name is not really Emily! And she has a bottomless pit of money with which to exact her revenge. Did I mention the terrifying Madeleine Stowe is in this show? I didn't even know she could be terrifying, but in this series, she is.

Well, you can imagine what happens -- Emily's plans for revenge get hopelessly complicated in the most deliciously suspenseful ways. She's surrounded by desperate whack-jobs, and frankly, she's quite a piece of work herself. And while this show goes all out with the camp and melodrama, it delivers just enough real emotions and surprises to keep me hopelessly hooked.

Anyway, you have to watch this clip to get a taste. HOLY SMOKES -- you don't even know who that guy with the gun is yet, but once you get to know him, you'll just loathe him! Unless you kind of sympathize with him -- he has his reasons for being so wicked. Are you wondering now what they are?


Have you been following Revenge or is it new to you? Will you be watching in January?


Image via ABC

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