Zach Efron is Hot! Am I a Pervert?

Zach Efron, High School Musical 3

Photo by: Joshua Roberts/Getty

Zach Efron is hot. I feel like a total pervert because he just turned 21! I realize I could be his mom. I've always thought Efron was a talented actor and singer. He was good in the High School Musical movies and I loved him in Hairspray. But it wasn't until I saw High School Musical 3 that I started to think the boy was actually hot!


I confessed my Zach Efron secret to some friends the other day. I was surprised to find out my friends think he's hot too! We agreed that having Zach in HSM3 made the movie much easier to watch.

Tell me ladies, am I a perv or is Zac hot? Who is with me? I think he is going to be a movie star. Check out the trailer for the new movie 17 Again, with Zac Efron and Matthew Perry. The guy is going to be a huge star!

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