5 Camila Alves Facts That Make Matthew McConaughey a Lucky Man

camila alvesMatthew McConaughey surprised his longtime girlfriend, and mother of his two children, Camila Alves, by popping the question to her on Christmas Day. (She said yes!) He surprised me because, honestly, I thought these two were already married

Now that I know that McConaughey is going to make an honest woman of his ... woman, though, it got me wondering: Who is Camila Alves exactly? I don't deny being an over-indulger of all things celebrity, but truthfully, this is one couple that's kind of remained off of my radar, because they're insanely low-key. The only thing I know about her is she's drop-dead gorgeous. And that's not enough. So, I did a little recon, and found out some interesting facts about the future Mrs. McConaughey. Turns out, she's going to make a damn fine wife. Matthew, I don't know what the hell took you so long.



She cleaned houses. Before dating McConaughey -- and before even knowing who the heck he was -- Camila worked as a waitress and a housecleaner. When she was 15-years-old, she came to Los Angeles from her native Brazil to visit her aunt. She hung around for a while, picking up the less-than-glamorous work. After becoming fluent in English, she decided to make the United States her home. Not saying, Camila should be the only person picking up around her and McConaughey's home, but it's nice that she knows what's up when the couple splits the chores -- which I'm sure they totally do. No help whatsoever, right?

She's a designer. And a pretty successful one to boot. She and her mom are proprietors of the handbag line, Muxo, which are often featured on fashion blogs as "it" bags. And rightfully so -- they're adorable. Unfortunately, they're also expensive as hell, retailing for around $900. Looks like Matthew's not the only one bringing home the bacon. (She's also the host of Bravo's Shear Genius -- even more cashola.)

She was a model. I mean, obviously, right? She's stunning. But she was, like, a real model.  She moved to New York when she was 19, worked in Paris, Milan, the whole bit. Won't necessarily make her a great wife, but man, Matthew sure is lucky to wake up next to that 'til death do him part.

Her mother isn't the biggest fan of McConaughey. Well, this tidbit comes from the National Enquirer, so do with it what you will, but according to the mag, Camila's mom really wasn't happy when they couple had their second child out of wedlock. This should appease mom some, wouldn't you say. (If it's even true!)

She lives in Austin, Texas, Matthew's home town. The couple splits their time between there and Los Angles. Pretty nice of Camila to up and move her family to where Matthew wants to be. Another point for the pretty lady.

Do you think Camila and Matthew will last?


Image via Vivanista1/Flickr

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