'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Bad Parenting Runs in Kailyn's Family


It was a night of pure grandmama drama on Teen Mom 2, and some of the glimpses we saw of the girls' lives made it obvious why they have so many problems and ended up pregnant so young. Not one of these girls has a parent, with the exception of Chelsea's dad (who dropped the ball on this episode), who really steps up to bat for them.

Tuesday night saw Kailyn moving out of her mother's house because of a nasty note her mother's boyfriend sent her, Leah and Corey dealing with their baby's continued testing for brain issues, Jenelle pressing domestic battery charges against Kieffer and moving back in with Barbara, and Chelsea getting surgery on her knee while Adam "took care" of Aubree.

Adam, by the way, is an unbelievably huge jerk. The first thing he did when Chelsea was leaving for surgery was drop/push Aubree of his lap. Nice guy.

Who would feel comfortable going under after that?

Meanwhile, Chelsea's father Randy, who has been something of a folk hero on the show (easily the best dad in the show's history), was nowhere to be found. He had something he needed to do, so he was set to miss her surgery anyway, but it was poorly planned and poor Chelsea ended up feeling abandoned.

As present as her dad has been through the show, her face in that hospital bed made me wonder if I have missed something. Maybe her parents' divorce did affect her more than she says. Besides, where was her mother in all this?

Really, it was a full night of grandmama drama. Barbara let Jenelle back in the house (big shock) with the same admonitions she always gives -- keep yourself together, don't hang out with Kieffer, be close with Jace -- and we all know how this story ends. Watching Barbara is sad because, while it's obvious she loves her daughter, it's also obvious that she has zero control over her. And that isn't just Jenelle's fault. Clearly that has been going on long before Teen Mom started.

The worst of the night, though, went to Kailyn. Her mother has been evil since the day Kailyn got pregnant. She has consistently chosen her boyfriend over her daughter and her daughter was too afraid to tell her she moved out of the house. Instead she did it while her mom was at work.

Clearly communication with these two wasn't a strong point, but it's more than that, too. Kailyn is far too old before her time and that is certainly part of being raised by a mom who cared more about her TV moving out than her grandson and daughter. Kailyn is one of the stronger teen moms and it's obviously because she had such a bad mom, she learned to take care of herself.

Maybe all of us would look like bad moms if we were on a reality show, but somehow many other moms manage to raise children who don't get pregnant in their teen years. These moms clearly did something so wrong that it led to this.

Which grandmother is the worst, in your opinion?


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nonmember avatar MrStinkyFshface

In the begining of the episode Chelsea's dad said he could not get off work if she didnt have it on a Friday and SHE chose to have it on a Wend. because she want Adam to be there to "take care" of her and Aubree. Her mom was out of town with her sick grandmother. Chelsea chose to put herself in that position.

Jecky... Jeckyls-mommy

My problem is with janelles mom. I've only seen a couple of episodes but from what I have seen, she needs therapy a he'll of a lot more then janelles. Granted she could use some too. As far as I'm concerned neither of them need that baby until they get help. They both are just as guilty of acting ignorant and screaming in that poor child's ears and acting horrible in front of him as the other. But that's just ,e I guess.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Chelsea has to be the most IGNORANT girl on this SHOW! Silly girl actually has a CHANCE! But no...blow it on that douche. That Adam sounds like a Nancy Grace story waiting to happen.

nonmember avatar samm

i think chelsea just needs to wake up one day and realize she has this amazing little girl and adam isnt the right choice for them. and jenelle should not be a mother. nor should barbra. leah is a good mom from what ive seen and what ive read and seen on tv is corey is a douche bag that doesnt deserve her.

Erzabet Erzabet

Chelsea said her mom had to take care of her grandma because she was sick

Kritika Kritika

Yeah I think not being there was finally some tough love on Chelsea's parents part. Oh, you wanna schedule around your POS boyfriend? Go for it.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I don't understand why it is just assumed that a girl having a baby should have automatic supportat all times, and active roles in raising the baby on the grandparents part.

You're a big girl. You had unprotected sex, it's your baby, deal with it like an adult.

Grandparents should compliment, not determine, the baby's life.

lehof... lehoffman

You can not even say Chelsea's dad has done anything wrong. Chelsea is such a spoiled princess and her dad does EVERYTHING for her. I feel bad that she was alone, but she's an adult, not an 8 year old, and I think she handled it. 

I also think Janelle's mom might be saving face for camera and there's a reason Janelle is the way she is, but Janelle acts like a 5 year old with a sailors mouth. Like last episode when she was going to watch Jace but she was out too late, she threw a straight up tantrum until Kieffer came. 

lehof... lehoffman

actually, almost every 5 year old I've ever met has more self control and understanding of right and wrong than Janelle. 

shell... shellyplatz

First of all they said in the show that Chelseas mom was out of town taking care of her sick mother. Randy(her dad) is a dentist. He FLAT out told her to schedule it on a Friday so he could be there. She was being stupid and wanted that dumbass loser with her instead so she didn't listen.

2nd Jenelle is an ADULT, her mother should not have to have control over her, she should be able to control herself by now.

Kailyn's mom deserved what she got, men are always more important than to her than her daughter.

Corey has good parents and Leah has a good mother. They are always present in their lives and help with the girls. It still makes me sad that they are broken up.

You can't blame a parent for their teen getting pregnant, they are gonna do what they want to do no matter what. Yes the parents may have needed to influence their children more but not every teen mom has a neglectful mother and absent father!

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