'Drunk History Christmas' With Ryan Gosling & Jim Carrey Is Hilarious Holiday Fun (VIDEO)


drunk history christmasIt's a Wonderful Life might be the perennial classic Christmas film, but it never feels like the holiday season until I've gotten my funny fix from flicks like National Lampoon's Christmas and Love, Actually. And this year, we can add a hilarious clip from FunnyorDie.com to the line-up.

The comedy site recently added the special episode, "Drunk History Christmas," to their web series, Drunk History, which has become a phenomenon beloved the Internet over for being as sober as it is educational ... In other words, uh, it's neither at all, but one thing it usually is: Sure to make you laugh. The series has starred lots of famous faces (Will Ferrell, Michael Cera) and covered all different histories, from Abraham Lincoln to George and Martha Washington. But this seasonally-spirited ep stars mega-hottie Ryan Gosling, the always charismatic Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey ... as Santa Claus!! Plus, it really is as funny as it sounds.

Here's the clip ... (Warning: You may want to use headphones at work, being that every other word at one point is "f---k.")

Hahaha, amazing, right? Just made your whole day? Maybe even your entire holiday season?! I know!!! And Ryan Gosling is so delicious, even in his dopey cap. Jim Carrey was obviously the best choice for Santa, right, being that he had all that experience playing the Grinch. And Eva rocked it, too. Oh, and the kids -- so cute! They're all so awesome in their roles. They should all star in a full-length holiday feature ... or at least something over six minutes! (If they ever re-do Lampoon's, Ryan would make a hilarious Clark Griswold.)  But oh, that poor sad drunk guy. It's okay. Plenty of us have been there ... especially around the holidays.

How much did this video crack you up?


Image via FunnyorDie.com

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Shock... Shockerchik

I did not laugh one single time throughout this entire clip. Not even crack a smile! It was really boring to me!

nonmember avatar Sarah

lol @shockerchik you've probably someone that thinks only '2 and a half men' is funny then

Slieu... Slieurance

I agree with shockerchick. It wasn't that I thought it was boring, but annoying.

Shock... Shockerchik

@ Sarah I actually have never seen an episode of 2 and a half men since I have not owned a television in about 3 years now, but from what I read about on the news I'm not sure what would be funny about a guy with a drinking problem making lots of money and living with his brother. Also, I'm not really sure why you would think that would be my sense of humor since I obviously don't appeal to this drunken humor on here? That makes no sense. I love to laugh and find plenty of things funny. I just really didn't find this one entertaining, but to each their own. I have seen plenty of funny or die bits that have made me laugh so hard I could not breathe


Samal... Samallama

It was funny. Not hilarious. Ryan Gosling is delicious, I agree with you there. 

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