Robert Pattinson's Most Shocking Moments of 2011


robert pattinsonIf 2011 taught us anything, it's this: Robert Pattinson is hot. Very, very hot. But that's not all we learned this year, is it? Because, as it turns out, RPattz is more than just hot. (Not like he has to be anything else. I mean, we all know he could just stand there and be hot and his job would be done.)

No, not a month could go by without the overachieving heartthrob finding some way to shock his fans. Whether he was pulling a crazy stunt or giving a racy sound bite or making an unexpected red carpet fashion choice, Robert Pattinson kept us on our toes for 12 solid months.

Wonder how Kristen Stewart felt about some of these shocking moments ...

1. The Haircut. I know, this is one RPattz moment you'd probably prefer NOT to relive. What was he thinking?!?!? Still, that crazy half mohawk wasn't a total fail. It made us appreciate his usual 'do more than ever.

2. The Secret Sex Move. Tragically, none of us ever got to see whatever it is Pattinson does in bed that's apparently SO hot they couldn't show it in Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Did we spent an inordinate amount of time imagining what it might be like, however? Yes.

3. The Baby Bite. What did RPattz reveal about himself when he indulged a mom's request to fake-bite her baby for a picture? That he's a damn good sport. (The mom, on the other hand ... she might be a little out there.)

4. The Taylor Lautner Kiss. Sure it was just a funny prank at the MTV Movie Awards. But when Pattinson planted one on Taylor Lautner, imaginations everywhere ran wild.

5. The Paparazzi Punch. Okay, so RPattz probably didn't actually start wailing on some unsuspecting photog for no reason (as rumor had it). If he had, though, would we love him any less? NO.

6. The Lost Role. This one still shocks me. How could anyone cast an actor other than Robert Pattinson to play late musician Jeff Buckley? RPattz is an asset to any movie. I'd cast him as George Washington. I'd cast him as George Jefferson! ANY movie.

7. The Cheating Scandal. Whatever, haters. Robert Pattinson no way, no how cheated on KStew. He's the perfect man. I can't hear you, la la la la la!

8. The Ashton Kutcher Slam. Again, I guess it's really not shocking that somebody as pathetic as Ashton Kutcher was so intimidated by RPattz he had to call him a "gay vampire." What is shocking is that Kutcher wasn't attacked by a pack of rabid Twilight fans.

9. The Bad Boy Revelation. I was thrilled to hear Pattinson secretly can't wait to play a villain -- you know, like a real bad guy, not a vampire with a heart of gold. He'll make the best bad boy around. (But when??)

10. The All-Nighter. RPattz stayed up until dawn signing autographs and greeting fans ... awwww. Good to know he's got decent stamina.

What was the most shocking Robert Pattinson moment of 2011 for you?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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nonmember avatar jss232

You need to set the record straight on #1. The haircut was for Cosmopolis, which he was shooting at the time. It wasn't something he decided to do on his own. Read the book and it will make sense.

nonmember avatar ohbiteme

enjoyed your top 10, however, the haircut thing? it was for his character in Cosmopolis. he wore it with pride i must say! when will we see your beautiful face again Robert?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Lol I'll never understand what you people see in any of those pale boyish types. I'll take my men manly, thanks ;)

avarm... avarmenio

None.  He's not hot and I hate Twilight, so I don't care.  He was ok in Water for Elephants, though.

steph... steph2884

I agree with EvalynCarnate... I like men, not boys!

nonmember avatar Arkansas

Get over it jealous fools. Robert Pattinson is one HOT man and a pretty dang good actor, too. I would cast him in ANY part he would be willing to take including a toothpaste commercial!

VeganYum VeganYum

That list was comical. There is something about him that IS attractive, but I can't put my finger on it, because I don't think he's physically one of the best looking guys I've ever seen. I think it's the "scruffy" that makes me turn up my nose. I enjoy scruffy on certain guys, but not him. All that aside, major kudos to him for being so great with fans. 

Farrell Schambow

robert pattinson is a very good looking european man and very talented.  I think he has got a great future ahead of him.

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