Mason Disick Turns 2 & Things Will Never Be the Same


Kourtney Kardashian and Mason DisickToday was a big day for the Kardashian clan. Their little prince, Mason Disick, turned 2, and never has there been a prouder family.

Kourtney took to Twitter to wish her boy a happy day: "Happy Birthday to the love of my little precious angel. It is my joy to see you grow every single day." Awww ... and that was followed by similar mushy gushy tweets from the rest of his adoring aunties.

"Happy Birthday, Mason," Khloe tweeted. "You are one of the greatest things to happen to our family! I love you like you will never understand!” From Kendall Jenner: "Happy birthday to the man I would do anything for! I love you!"

One can only imagine the celebration the family had and the gifts he received. A Rolex from Auntie Kim perhaps?

It's pretty safe to say this was no typical 2-year-old's birthday, but he's no typical 2-year-old. Mason is pretty much the "it" kid of Tinseltown these days, and no one can get enough of him. He's been called everything from "America's Best Baby" to "one of the cutest kids ever." Him being seen front and center in this season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York each week has only cemented his status further. Basically, he's a big 2-year-old deal.

But I'm afraid his quick ascent to world adoration is about to come to a screeching halt. You see, this is his last birthday as an only child. By this time next year, he'll have a sibling, and everything will have started to change. Oh Mason will still be loved, but he is going to have to share the spotlight and the love. He won't be just "Mason" for long; soon he'll be one of the Disick kids (or Kardashian heirs?).

Let's face it, there are oodles of cute kids in Hollywood, but it's only a few who we know by first name only and whose birthdays are such a big deal. Sure, some we know because their names are so odd (e.g. Apple), but most because they have no siblings. Suri is a prime example. She's no cuter than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's girls, but the Affleck girls are just that ... the Affleck Girls. Each is adorable in her own right, but remember how much more we heard about Violet when she was just Violet?

It's not necessarily a bad thing that Mason will have to share the spotlight; in fact, it's perhaps a great thing to take pressure off of one child, but it's amazing how quickly that spotlight shifts in Hollywood when a sibling is born ... just like it does in our own homes when we bring home number two and beyond.

In case, happy birthday, Mason. I hope your mommy lets you eat lots of cake.

Do you think Mason will benefit from a less glaring spotlight shining on him when he has to share it with his new sibling?

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Torra... TorranceMom

Somebody PLEASE cut that kid's hair!

Stacey. Stacey.

Mullets went out with powdered wigs, i really dont see all the hype about how cute he is. He's got nothing on Gwen Stefani's kids....

nonmember avatar Guest

That kid is seriously NOT cute. Ugh.

LuvGo... LuvGoddess25


amand... amandasmomma

I agree...I really don't think that kid is very cute at all...

nonmember avatar Lisa

You should all feel super proud of yourselves for making fun of the way a 2 year old looks... seriously classy, ladies...

JodieMae JodieMae

He looks just like his Dad and honestly I do not think he is all that great looking. I wonder if his birthday party will be as big as his Aunt's 5 second wedding.

Casey... CaseyMcphee


  kudos to you, Lisa for seeing it as well. SO classy to judge a 2 year old's looks.  To be judging a 2 year old AT ALL!  And you're all mothers?   Shame on you ALL!  (except Lisa of course!)

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