'Glee' Star Chord Overstreet's New Single Turns Up the Sexy (LISTEN)


Chord Overstreet
Chord Overstreet
To say that Glee hunk Chord Overstreet is good-looking is an understatement. If you ask me, Sam, AKA Trouty Mouth, is by far one of the most attractive men to ever grace the halls of McKinley High.

What makes a super sexy man even more attractive? When he's got amazing pipes to match those piercing, amazing eyes. If watching Chord sing "Red Solo Cup" on Glee last week didn't make your heart melt, then his new song "Beautiful Girl" will.

The track leaked onto the web yesterday, and let me tell you -- it's amazeballs. I can totally see this song on the mushy-gushy soundtrack to one of my fave TV shows. It's so darn catchy.

Listen to Chord's new song "Beautiful Girl" here:


It's got a ring to it, doesn't it? Chord has this airy quality in his voice that I adore, and the way that the song picks up around the chorus makes me want to play it on repeat. Not to mention, if I close my eyes and listen to lines like "Beautiful girl, can you see me falling/All I want is you" -- it feels like the 22-year-old is standing right here serenading me! Go on, try it! 

I have no doubt in my mind that Ryan Murphy and the entire Glee crew would be super foolish to let this kind of talent slip through their hands again. Sure Chord's new song proves that he's a fantastic singer, but watching him back on the show again is a bigger reminder of how much of an excellent actor he is, too. As much as I want him to be successful, here's to hoping this new track doesn't make him pack his bags and head on tour (and out of McKinley) anytime soon.

What do you think of Chord's new song?


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nonmember avatar Ashleigh

Ryan Murphy and the powers that be did NOTHING to let Chord slip through their fingers. CHORD left because he threw a hissy fit over not being chosen as a series regular and he left of his own accord. He came crawling back with his tail between his legs after he saw how good the response to season 3 was. I missed Sam dearly, but Chord;s actions were his own and they had nothing to do with Ryan Murphy letting him go. He still had a special guest star spot and now, because of his baby like antics...

He's only a guest star. Too bad he couldn't have been more accepting to their first offer.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Sorry, he sounds like what I would expect Justin Beiber (sp?) sounds like, if I would be caught dead listening to that fluff.  Now I need to go listen to something that doesn't suck....

Samal... Samallama

Meh. It's a little to poppy for me. 

SitaM... SitaMnstr

He looks so much older than 22.

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