'American Horror Story' Twist Unravels Rest of Series


This whole season of American Horror Story, I've been wondering what would happen that would possibly keep this family in the house. Considering they've been accosted by strange residents, had a home invasion, been raped by a ghost in a rubber suit, and been fed internal organs by their neighbor, one would think the Harmon family would be long gone.

Even if they could use financial pressure and marital discord to explain the family staying a few more months, they can't explain that for years or season after season. But last Wednesday, it all came together.

The Harmon family will stay and we would all do the same in their shoes. ***Spoilers ahead.

Violet, their daughter, is dead. She died several episodes back when she tried to commit suicide. It turns out she was successful and now her parents will have to stay in order to be with their oldest child.

The series would be a hard one to write given its premise. That level of suspense and surprise isn't exactly easy to maintain. Die-hard, close watchers should have been able to see this coming, really. At this point, the only thing that would keep the Harmons tied to the house is Violet and the only thing that would keep Violet tied to the house is death.

It's really a sad episode, but the line between dead and alive is so blurred in the show that it's difficult to even grieve properly for anyone. There are still so many questions: Why was Tate able to leave the house and yet Violet can't? Why did Tate kill the exterminator? Just because he saw Violet? If so: Why did he accuse him of killing so many? 

With only two episodes left until the finale of this season, there is much to see, including (hopefully) the much-anticipated birth of the twins.

Contrary to the doubters who worried, the show is just getting started. I couldn't be happier!

Did you like the "twist"?


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chigi... chigirl1228

NobodyYou're right the die hard fans figured out about violets death a couple episodes ago. I enjoy reading the recaps on ew.com and the insightful comments as well. Helps me understand the story line so much better. A couple answers to your questions. Tate was able to leave the house only one night, halloween. The one night out of the year that the dead can roam earth freely. Nobody knows why he killed the exterminator.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

chigirl- great point about Halloween night!

I love AHS. I can't wait to find out what Tate meant when he said "you've killed so many!" to the exterminator as he murdered him.

nonmember avatar Liz

I'm wondering the same thing about the exterminator! Who has he killed? Besides bugs. And ditto to what chigirl said, none of the dead have left, except for Halloween.

chigi... chigirl1228

One thought I did have about why tate said that to the exterminator was that he killed so many bugs...somehow I don't think that's what he meant lol. But it was the first thing that popped into my head.

steph... steph2884

I've been watching this series since the first episode, but I have such a hard time following it sometimes! I didn't really know Violet was dead until she couldn't leave the house. Before that though... I had no idea. I also have no idea why he told the exterminator that he had killed so many. And as the first person said, the ghosts were allowed to leave the house only on October 31st.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

My fiancé said the same thing about all the bugs he killed!! That's so funny lol. I don't doubt that y'all are probably right :)

micd817 micd817

I didn't know Violet was dead until the last episode last week that was definitely crazy. I love American Horror story I cannot wait every week. More ghosts not your typical show !!!

lilpu... lilpunk77

I think he killed the exterminator because he discovered violets body. He was crawling first then screamed like he saw something, then when tate brought violet to her body they were crawling too.

lilpu... lilpunk77

This is an awesome show! I can't wait for wednesdays!

nonmember avatar Kat

Tate was able to leave the house cause it was Halloween. That is the only day in the year that ghosts can leave the house.

And what he said to Phil (the verminator) when he killed him was a joke, a reference to all the rodents and insects he killed.

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