'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Vegas Madness & Kim's Extreme Sadness


Lisa VanderpumpAfter rehashing the mess that was Brandi Glanville's party last week (which Taylor Armstrong frighteningly didn't even remember), it was wheels up to Sin City on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In two camps they went to leave their mark on Las Vegas.

In the first was the unlikely duo of Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor, who was picked as a backup by Pandora after Kyle Richards couldn't come. They were there for the big bachelorette party and to see the "chipmunks" as Lisa kept calling them (which stopped being cute after the 50 millionth time). Taylor just about had a heart attack over all the manly hotness up there on stage wearing only their cock socks, but kept it tame (and kind of lame) when she was called to do a brief lap dance on stage. Lisa, however, shook her stuff, and even upstaged the bride.

The other camp was there at the invitation of Adrienne Maloof, who you may remember was pissed that Lisa didn't have Pandora's party at her hotel, The Palms. So she made a pretty pointed statement by whisking off Brandi Glanville, Dana Wilkey, and Camille Grammer for their own little party. After some awkward bowling, they heated things up on the dance floor -- especially Camille and Brandi who were happily grinding away against one another.

"Things got a little crazy," Camille said. While neither group was all that crazy, if I was hanging with one of them, it would have definitely been Brandi, Camille, and camp. Lisa playing rescuer to Taylor is nice and all, but it feels about as natural as all of their boobs.

Things got crazy back in Beverly Hills too, but in a much different way. After being unable to get in touch with her sister, Kim Richards, Kyle finally ran into her while out shopping. Kim asked to speak to her and completely broke down.

She was just so ... broken. She was talking in circles, making little sense, and crying so hard she could barely breathe. Kyle was devastated but clearly feeling helpless. The only thing that made it bearable to watch is that last week we learned she checked herself into rehab and is hopefully getting the help she so obviously needs. It's too bad that she waited so long.

Which group would you have rather been with in Las Vegas? What did you think of Kim's breakdown?

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nonmember avatar kay

I woul definitely prefer to b part of Adrienne's group, but I found it strange that Taylor remembered all aspects of the party except for her own breakdown. She remembered that DeeDee was fighting for Camille and being agressive, she even remembered that Kyle did the splits (which has run its course by the way). She was able to communicate to Lisa what happened EXCEPT her own horrific behavior.

Snark... Snarkymom

Good point, Kay.  I hadn't even thought about that!  Taylor is 10 kinds of crazy and is apparently dependent on alcohol (hence her saying when she gets stressed, she just reaches for the bottle).

Side note: Bravo TV is getting over the top!  First  there was Ri-DIC-ulous on RHOA and now the Chippendales?!  Someone needs to get a little "piece" and calm it down!

Marjorie M Chambers

I agree that Taylor has selective memory. Funny how shes just allowed to "go off" like that and nobody holds her responsible. The whole group of women are very complex --they have a tendency to be really hard on each other and it's disturbing.


Deena Walker

This isn't going to sound very proper but I think Taylor needs a proverbial kick in her backside. The woman is evil. It's obvious her husband isn't abusing her yet she continues to damn him in order to get sympathy. She is one piece of work. As we all know her husband committed suicide. It isn't rocket science to figure out it was most probably caused by her destroying his reputation and character? I can't stand the woman. I can't stand her dramatics and when she starts to cry my god it's like listening to chalk on a blackboard. I really do hope she gets her comeuppance for what she's done.
She personifies evil and should be kicked off the show and admitted to a psych ward for the criminally insane. It's sickening to watch her.

Linda Rizio Boyle

What Kim was saying made complete sense. The author must be about 20 with no children. As a divorced woman myself, I get it. Mothers always put their children first. They don't stop being Mommy. And to a woman's children she is just Mommy; they have certain expectation for their mother which usually comes from love. They want her to have no financial difficulties, they want her to always make the right choices, they want her to have the perfect gentleman somewhat in her life. Children tend to discount that Mothers are women, real, breathing imperfect women, entitled to their own joy and their own mistakes. Kim feels it's time for her, and it is, and her children do not want to let her stop being Mommy. They won't let her be her own woman and it's unfair. Kim has denied her ownself for so long that she needs a chance to just be and no one will let her. Not her sister or her children. I am always trying to balance it and it is very very hard. I get it Kim. I get it.

Kritika Kritika

So funny a few weeks ago when ya'll were boo hoo'ing over Kim and feeling bad for her cause she "revealed" her strange behavior was due to rx drugs...and I called BS...this is not surprising she's going to rehab now...thanks you Deena for your honest opinion...they're all nutjobs.

nonmember avatar Dora

If I had to choose it would always be with adrienne, the lady has class. And Kyle come on the splits we know u can do them stop already. Kim good for you cking into rehab take Taylor with you she needs all the help she can get. Camille good for you telling Taylor she flips out over everything she has told the group already that girl needs help really bad. And select memory oh I don't remember hello stop Taylor I can't stand watching you anymore, take her off the show, brandi just stop trying so hard be yourself still not sure of you yet,

nonmember avatar Chris

Perfect point from Kay. Yes...Taylor and her quite intact memory, except for her meltdown (which are getting VERY old).
I would be anywhere Taylor isn't, so I suppose I'd pick Adrienne's group. But, at this point, I'm not sure a free ticket could have gotten me there. Used to be a great show. Now, it's just turned depressing. Kim makes me sad and I really do hope she recovers. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body--but she's deeply troubled. Kyle doesn't get her and this whole new relationship with Lisa and Taylor is odd. I think I've had enough viewing of DD idolize Camille for a lifetime. Giggy trying to get cozy on the sofa in the bridal shop was the ONLY time I laughed.

erynh... erynhulett

I agree with you- Team Palms all the way. Not that I don't think Lisa and Co. had fun, it's just Taylor. Has anyone else noticed how she has backed off the makeup since "blacking out"? (she said herself, she does NOT remember.) I think Camille is looking hot this season but still dead behind the eyes. I would like to see more of Brandi and less of Dana and her name/price dropping. I just keep thinking how sad I am for Kennedy and anyone who is not being truthful w/ Taylor is NOT being a good friend.....ahem, Kyle. Looks like next week Kyle will finally be forced to tell Taylor some truths that are past due!

Maria Foster

I agree w/ Linda Rizio Boyle it seems that Kim just wants a life of her own to live along with her Mommy life.  If I'm not mistaken wasn't Kyle telling her to get one just last season.  Just because the man Kim chose was a secret for a year and not Kyle chosen and approved, should not mean that she gets ridiculed.  Kyle should step back and see if Kim is happy with the man; take time to see if what the kids are telling her is about the man or about their own jealousy over being her kids and wanting her to themselves.  It's very hard to be in the spot the kids and Kim are in and it seems Kyle is only seeing it from the side that makes her biased opinion more valid.  I'm getting pretty tired of watching Kyle try to mother Kim ZZZzzzzzzzzz.

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