'X-Factor' Controversy: Is Paula Abdul a Cheater? (VIDEO)


paula abdul nicole scherzingerLast week when 13-year-old Rachel Crow was eliminated from X Factor, we were shocked by her dramatic tears -- or, more accurately, we were shocked at how fake they looked. Well here's the second blow: TMZ is speculating that Paula Abdul told fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger to vote against Rachel!

If that's true, that means Paula Abdul got two votes -- and that's just not fair! This might also explain why Nicole looked so upset before and after Rachel's fate was announced. It's one thing to be disappointed over Rachel Crow. It's another to be let down by Paula Abdul!

According to TMZ, Paula's microphone was off while Nicole was making her decision. But they claim that when they turn the volume way, way up, they can hear Paula telling Nicole, "Just let it go to a deadlock." Maybe Paula was frustrated with Nicole's indecision. Nicole clearly doesn't want to be the "bad guy" in this situation.

On the other hand, if Paula told Nicole how to vote, isn't it Nicole's fault for taking Paula's orders? Shouldn't she have been stronger and voted with her own convictions? Or was she just really that torn over the decision?

It's hard for me to tell exactly what's going on. TMZ could be wrong. But if Paula really did tell Nicole how to vote, and Nicole just did what Paula told her to do, then I'm disappointed in both of them. Obviously the viewers voted, too, and also got to have their say about the elimination round. But the idea that Paula could tip the fate of a contestant this much kind of takes the fun out of the show.


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What do you think happened? Did Paula tell Nicole how to vote -- and if so, are they both in the wrong?


Image via X Factor USA

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jlynx0 jlynx0

It was a suggestion, It's not like Paula got up and twisted her arm. You could clearly her Paula say "Let it go to a deadlock." But it sounds like Paula was exasperated. Not bossing her around. The viewers sent Rachel home and if the "business" is really about the viewers, then the right call was made. Rachel is a great singer, But she is what? 13? 14? She has ample time and now even more oppurtunities compared to other singers like Josh Krajick. They voted off who should have won with Drew, anyway.

Mandago Mandago

I don't see how that would be considered cheating. She expressed her opinion. Nicole was still free to vote her own way. And I liked Rachel, but I don't think she was going to win regardless. My money is on Josh.

happy... happymama0609

Who cares, the little girl is going to get a record deal anyways. Simon was her mentor, he's got the connections that he needs to get her on the map.

AyaTa... AyaTachihara

It's reality tv. It's not an election. Rachel Crow is already in talks with Disney for projects, so it worked out fine for her in the end. All shows like this are is a jumping off point for talent and quasi-talent. They did her a favor voting her off. There's still a stigma attached to being a reality show winner and very few have escaped that fate. Voting her off gave people a reason to notice her that maybe hadn't before. I don't even watch the show and would have no idea who this little girl was if this hadn't made the news. Silver linings.

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