8 Great Gift Ideas for the Sexy Werewolves & Vampires in Your Life


true blood holiday giftsWhat to get the Twi-hards, True-bies, werewolf wannabes, and zombie-addicts on your holiday gift list? Chances are they've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (meaning, the last thing they need is another tee with Taylor Lautner's face on the front). Your goal is to find a present that says, "Yes, you're obsessed with a book/TV show/movie that 8 billion other people are obsessed with, but you're still unique."

Don't be scared (you know, unless you're into that kind of thing). Playing supernatural Santa this season should be easy as shooting zombies in a barrel, thanks to a near-endless array of gift options for the eternally naughty.

1. For the festive Fangbanger in your life, True Blood-inspired holiday decor is definitely the way to go. This True Blood Beverage blanket, ornament, and light set will make guests feel like they're having Christmas dinner at Fangtasia! (If they have a problem with that, there's always the dungeon.) $89.97

cat dish

2. Let's say you've got a pal who's a total cat person AND Team Edward member. This cat food bowl puts Edward's infamous mind-reading quote from Twilight to perfect use: "Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat." $20

dog dish

3. What's that? Your pal has a dog instead of a cat AND she's on Team Jacob? Don't worry, her pooch doesn't have to go hungry -- thanks to this dog food dish. $20

vampire bite necklace

4. Equal-opportunity vampire fans will swoon when they see this vampire bite necklace. Clever, right? Also quite lovely, not to mention affordable. $12.99

vlad the impaler ornament

5. We're gonna take it way back, now ... back to where vampire legends all began: With Vlad the Impaler! Not many people know that before he turned into Dracula, he was a pretty jolly dude. This awesome ornament is proof. $15.30

walking dead zombie bust

6. No zombie fan's home would be complete without this bust of Bicycle Girl from the Walking Dead. The perfect holiday centerpiece! $49.99

barnabas mirror

7. Know somebody who can't wait for the upcoming, Johnny Depp-starring film version of Dark Shadows? Spread some retro-Barnabas cheer with this pocket mirror inspired by the original series. $6

alcide necklace

8. We haven't forgotten the werewolf-lover on your list! This replica of Alcide's arrowhead necklace is a much subtler statement than, say, a Joe Manganiello tote bag. Not that there's anything wrong with a Joe Manganiello tote bag! No, no, no. $26

Which gift on this list is your favorite?


Image via HBO

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Carol Donn

Hey if you haven't seen The Walking Dead feature on Zlango's messaging app for Android you gotta check it out! Seriously loving this! https://market.android.com/details?id=com.zlango.zms&feature

nonmember avatar Amanda

Good list, I liked it up until I read what you wrote about Vlad the Impaler and him being where vampire myths began. That is hands down the most idiotic thing I have read all day. Vampire myths go back hundreds and even thousands of years, every country has their own vampire folktales. Vlad was not where vampire myth began, Bram Stoker was the one that linked Vlad and vampires. Bram Stoker's FICTIONAL story, which was in no way based on Vlad's actual history (he used the name and that's about it), is what made Vlad a household name. Vlad doesn't actually have ANY ties to vampire folklore or history, none at all. Bram Stoker used his name in a vampire book and that's it.

Way to not do research and write about something you clearly know nothing about.

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