Kim Kardashian's Reunion With Reggie Bush Could Save Her Career


kim kardashian and reggie bush
Kim Kardashian gazes at Reggie Bush pre-split
It really comes as no great surprise that Kim Kardashian might be getting back together with ex-boyfriend and first love Reggie Bush. Life & Style says that ever since Kim filed for divorce, she and Reggie have been in constant communication, texting and talking. Their source also claims that Reggie's planning to "swoop in and take care of her" when the timing is right. Interesting ... this is definitely a pairing I'd love to see happen again, because it seems like they were able to make it last for quite some time a while back. The only thing standing in the way it seems is, well, unfortunately ... Kim's career.

The pair reportedly ended their three-year relationship back in March 2010, because "her fame was a little too much for Reggie to handle." But now, given how "the fame game" has played out for Kim in the last couple of months, the timing couldn't be more right for these two!

See, I figure it's less that Reggie's threatened by Kim's fame and more that he can't cope with the constant paparazzi, the reality show cameras, the perpetual brand management that goes on around all things Kardashian. He's probably just a private person who would like to have their relationship occur behind closed doors, and who can blame a guy for that? What's more, that level of privacy is exactly what Kim needs right now!!

As much as her fans love her and E! can't get enough footage of her, there's never been a better time for her to dial back her exposure. Even fans could probably do without seeing news about her all up in their faces 24/7/365 via Twitter, TV, books, perfume, blogs, etc. Being back with Reggie wouldn't just be a boon to her love life; it might also help her bolster her reputation.

Well, I really hope it all works out for these two crazy kids, because wow -- this is a master plan for personal and professional happiness! If only Kim would be willing to take even just a little time away from the spotlight, it would serve her so well.

Do you think getting back together with Reggie would help Kim personally and professionally?

Image via Robin/Splashnews

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nonmember avatar Dandrew

It wouldn't hurt her career. Plus they seem like a happy couple. Better than that douche bag of a guy Kris

nonmember avatar JeAnna

I could tell, before the wedding, that Kim was not happy. I really do want Kim to be happy again and Reggie rushing in to be supportive is perfect. I would love to see them back together, they are a beautiful power couple. I hope the rumors are true! :-)

nonmember avatar nikki Baby

who cares about this tramp dang can we read about something that matters


Great article! And I concur that it seems like it would be (from an insider looking in) a fab move for her/ him personally and her professionally (maybe she could get into some more mature stuff like more acting). Plus, I know right now that she could reeeeaaally use some stable and private love and support!  And maybe she could finally get the babies she said she has wanted for so long! Oh my gosh just imagine how cute their baby (s ;.} ) would be!!!!!

Erimar23 Erimar23

stop the press!

Jessica Applegate-Tristan

Yay!! I hope they get married !! I never liked Humphries , he is so immature! I loovvee me some Reggie (; you two are really soul mates . Love is always going to find its way.. This just goes to show you that you both are meant for each other <3 Jessica

Tonya Holliday

They REALLY SHOULD get back together! Because let's face it ever since they split, ALL of her other relationships have gone to hell & he seems to truly care about her, is NOT JEALOUS or INTIMIDATED by her fame, he's more MATURE, he U.N.D.E.R.S.T.A.N.D.S her & lastly "EVERYBODY LIKES HIM"!! :)

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