NeNe Leakes Spinoff Would Be a Disaster and Not in a Good Way

nene leakesNormally I'm all for any and all Bravo spin-offs, but I don't think I can get behind the new rumor that Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is pressuring Andy Cohen for her own show. Word is that NeNe is baffled that co-star Kim Zolciak got her own show and thinks she deserves one, too. NeNe thinks she's too famous for RHOA, that they don't pay her enough, and that the show would be nothing without her. One word, two syllables: Puh-lease.

We all used to love NeNe so much, remember? She was hilarious! Bloop! She said what everyone was thinking and brought a great energy to the show. But then her head blew up to the size of a Thanksgiving Day float, she started acting like she was too good for everyone, and she pretty much became the worst person ever. Klonk.


NeNe's transformation is a veritable case study of how fame can go to one's head. It's a shame, really, because she was the bee's knees on the first few seasons of the show. But this season? Her head is so far in the clouds that she should be worrying about 747s getting caught in her giant earrings. Down to earth, NeNe is not. I mean, did you see how she lashed out at Sheree about how rich she is? Come on.

Hopefully Bravo knows that a NeNe spin-off is the last thing fans want. We don't want to see her clomping around, talking about how much money she has, acting like she's too good for the ground she walks on. If she were the same woman as she was three years ago, then I would've loved a Nene show, but now, no thanks. I'd rather watch that Skinnygirl Bethenny cry in the bathroom after getting a birthday present than watch NeNe sashay about town with her (new) nose in the air.

Also, NeNe should be careful. Bravo isn't playing around anymore. They canned half the women from the Real Housewives of New York; they're not afraid to let people go, no matter how "important" they are to the show. If NeNe annoys Andy enough, he might just throw her ass to the curb. The RHOA would be different without her, and maybe that's a good thing.

Do you think NeNe Leakes should get her own show on Bravo?


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