Kim Kardashian Puts Family First, Not Husbands


kardashiansKim Kardashian isn't winning over a lot of fans these days, but it would seem that through thick and thin, she and her sisters always have each other's backs. TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian told nail polish company O.P.I. that she, her mom, and her sisters should be paid equally for their contributions to the collection. Even though Kim's by far the biggest name in the family, the girls will supposedly split the $600,000 payday six ways. Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendal, Kylie, and Kim have each walked away from the deal with 100 grand thanks to Kim, and the money's still rolling in. That was just the upfront check; the Kardashians will also get paid based on sell-through results.

It's pretty great to see Kim make a right decision after seeing her flounder for so long in a pool of crappy bad choices.

Who knows if Kim actually stomped into the O.P.I. president's office, slammed her fist on the table, and demanded equal pay for her less-famous sisters, but hey, stranger things have happened. Regardless of how the money came to be divided up is less important than the fact that it was.

Kim could have easily demanded a bigger cut -- it's her name, image, and huge ass... ets that get the nail polish line the attention -- but she decided to be fair and magnanimous with the big bucks. I know it seems like, duh, obviously she'd split it equally with her sisters, but you never know. When families start working together, things get ugly, no matter how pretty the participants.

So, no, it's not a huge selflessly generous step in the right direction, but it's something. It shows Kim's got a heart. And after that horrible wedding and divorce, it's nice to read again about the softer side of the celebutante we all inexplicably want to know everything about.

There's other news out there this week about Kim calling Khloe some pretty awful names, but hey, let's focus on the good here. She's not hogging all the dough. That's something, isn't it?

Do you think Kim made a generous decision or, no -- you're not going to give her credit for doing the obviously right thing.


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Sheri Anne

If i never saw or heard the KASHdashian name again it would be so nice. This family is not your avarage famly unit. These women are like there own cult. I do not think Bruce and Rob have any say-so about anything.


nonmember avatar Tasos

She is slowly losing her focus. I think that she is doing what she thinks will get her popularity and not what she really thinks she should. Poor girl. We are watching her falling down.

Mommy... MommyMeggyG

she did it because she knew someone would write about it and she would get some positive attention from it.

Stacey. Stacey.

Wow she has a heart bc she didnt do something awful to her family?

Thats like saying someone is kind bc even tho they dont help anyone they also dont rob anyone lol.

nonmember avatar micki

That family is nothing and will continue to be famous for nothing, Kim and the kardashian clan, should stop while they are ahead, now they or I SHOULD SAY Momanger is turning the younger two into tramps, she does not care how she uses these money machine, I wish Bruce would wake up, and make her stop, they are has been now after the wedding, can't stand them and I will NOT buy the POLISH.....

Mamis... MamisTorres

I no longer will buy OPI nail polish.  I'll also send a letter to their corporate headquarters.

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