The Day Pippa Middleton Won't Be Able to Resist Prince Harry Has Come


pippa middletonThe royal plans for Christmas are officially in, and, well, they're pretty much the same as usual. Those crazy Brits like their tradition. The only difference this year is two pretty brunettes have been added to the exclusive roster: Kate and Pippa Middleton. Oh, yes, Pippa will be there. Kate's parents, however, will not be.

William and Kate have yet to officially announce their holiday plans, but a source close to all things royal said that their schedule will go like this: The pair will spend Christmas together at Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth's estate in Norfolk, England, with the rest of the royal family -- and that's only the royal family. Kate's days of spending Christmas day with her own relatives are long gone now that she's a Duchess. 

Then, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day as they call it, Pippa will fly in to join her sister and the royals, including Prince Harry, for the family's annual pheasant shoot. This is a pretty big deal as, traditionally, this is reserved only for members of the royal family and their significant others. Supposedly, Pippa's presence is via the urging of William, who wants to make Kate's first holiday with her in-laws as comfortable as possible. And I'm sure Harry's going to be so disappointed.

Not. I'm sure the spare to the heir will LOVE to see Kate's sexy younger sister the day after the holiday. And I'm sure Pippa is looking forward to seeing Harry, also. Yeah, yeah, we know nothing's going on with the two of them, but couple the fact that she just broke up with her boyfriend with the fact that she's going to be feasting her eyes on Prince Ginger in his pheasant-shooting garb -- it's over. Those two are definitely going to hook up. Heard it here first.

Of course, if anything does happen with the two of them, we won't know about it. It'll be top secret to everybody -- including the Queen. So, let's just all assume that it did happen, 'kay? Even if didn't. Because things are more fun that way.

Would you like to see Harry and Pippa hook up?

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nonmember avatar Emme

So that's what Boxing Day is! I totally get what Luna Lovegood was saying to Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) now, hah! I'm so delighted!

MrsMa... MrsMamaBear31

That would be....weird. Sexy, but weird. Does that make sense?

sarah... sarahtessa

Prince Harry is the hot brother... I can totally see that happening. *swoons*

nonmember avatar Mike Wagner

Prince Harry is gay... and he's MINE.

Edgewood Jackson

Prince Harry is superhot, secretly homosexual, and all MINE! Back off Gidget, Pippy, whatever you call yourself. And now that you've explained 'Boxing Day'... that's far less sexy than what I thought it was.

nonmember avatar B-Man

Since the consensus is that the spare prince is a poofter, I'd be happy to snuggle the extra brunette. I don't even want the money or the publicity!

nonmember avatar Annie12

Boxing Day is the day that people in Brit countries box up their old sweaters and things and give them to charity. The theory is that the received new stuff the day before.

As for Pippa and Harry... NO WAY! He's a classless drunk. Also, why would Queenie push a woman on one of her grankids. It didn't work when she tried that with one of her kids... Andrew. Fergie was handpicked by Di and Queenie. Besides, Pippa doesn't look inbred, and all the royals are inbreds.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

First off its no longer Kate Middleton she is now married and she should be called Duchess Kate, and if you wantto get tecnicall her offical title is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Its so anoying when anyone gets married and people treat them like it never happened.

second idk they seem to different. Harry seems the time to not want to settle down to soon idk. She seems wound up he is free spirit like his mother.

nonmember avatar Jeff S

I'm wondering if there's much recent history of this with royals. I get that they're not blood relatives, but it still seems strange, and creepy, to hook up with one's sister-in-law. Is there some conspiratorial reason why this family needs to be tied in even tighter with the royals? Enough so that one as hot as Pippa would hook up with a ginger?

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