Taylor Armstrong's Tell-All Book Might Speak to Abuse Victims


Taylor Armstrong BookLess than four short months after her husband, Russell Taylor, was found dead after hanging himself, Taylor Armstrong is out and about promoting her tell-all book, Hiding From Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within. Too soon? Opportunistic? Insensitive? Yes to all ... or at least those were my first thoughts. The more I think about it, however, the more I think Taylor and her book shouldn't be judged by their covers.

It's hard to see the positive in this because Taylor is pretty unlikable all around. She seems needy, pushy, and just all around too desperate, and has since the show started. The book just seems to confirm all that and more. But those traits could all be part of the whole cycle of domestic abuse that she claims she wants to help people end with this book. And really, unless we've been in her shoes, it's pretty hard to judge her for that.

In a statement, she told People:

My book takes readers behind the glamour of Beverly Hills to show them the terrible violence I suffered, and the slow and painful process of rebuilding my shattered life. I want readers in abusive relationships to learn from my suffering and use my book to help them find their own courage within.

So while it screams of insensitivity on her part to me, if it can help even a few people, I suppose it's worth it. In any case, I'm not sure how much more harm it can do than has already been done from airing her struggles on Bravo. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night was so painful to watch, as Taylor truly seemed to be going over the edge. I still think both Taylor and Bravo are making huge mistakes in playing it all out on national television, but they have. So a book probably won't do much more damage. Maybe it will even shed a little helpful light that's unfiltered by the television lens.

The book comes out February 7, and it will be interesting to see how well it does. More importantly, however, it will be important to see if Taylor herself is able to get well and be strong for her daughter after all that has happened.

What do you think of Taylor Armstrong releasing a book so soon after her husband's suicide?


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Stephanie Meyer Andreoni

Shes a kook and is all this abuse by her husband documented somewhere? Noone seems to see any proof of it, atleast the girls on HWOBH question in.

Caitlin Woodward

IF, in fact, her husband was as abusive as she has let on, then no...why would it be too soon? He was ABUSIVE. If all of this is true, if she was truly in danger as she talked about on the show last night and when she talked about it on Watch What Happens Live, then WHY are we even concerned about how soon it is if he was an abusive man?

Now if he wasn't abusive, that's another story entirely. Unfortunately we don't really have any proof of either thing. I can only hope that she speaks the truth and doesn't falsely slander someone, especially someone who is no longer here to defend himself.

Lindsey Biehn

So what if she put a book out! The man beat her, she was holding it in all the years for fear to get him into trouble or for fear to be beat more! You can tell the man was sick in the head he killed him self  and your questioning her!  Now that he is dead she don't have to hold back no more! She can tell all! I have been in her shoes! Someone hurt me in my life and I couldn't say nothing for fear that he would get in trouble! Then he died and I felt a relief, I love him don't get me wrong but I didn't have to be hurt no more and I didnt have to hold it in no more! Who are you guys to judge this women! Until you walked in her shoes you dont no how it feels! God does the judging, not us! Good for you Taylor and  GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHILD!

Nicole Jordan

She used to bug the heck out of me, but she was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night and was quite likable. I have seen photos of her when she had to have eye surgery from a punch to the face...whether Russell did it or not, I don't know. What does bother me is that he isn't here to defend himself. Watching the episodes with him is painful because he was incredibly akward.

Maria Foster

Russel Armstrong?

nonmember avatar Nadine

Yes her husband suicided. She may have been abused, we know from her speech at the DV function in season 1 that she was abused at some point. If she wants to focus on helping others break away from the DV cycle she could draw on that experience.

What she is doing is dragging her husbands name, his character and his actions through the mud in a very public manner.

Let's think for a minute about her daughter. Kennedy will see all this, if not now, later on. Will her school friends hear about this and ostracise her? The short relationship she had with her father needs to be preserved as is. Taylor is destroying the few memories she will have, this should not be done.

If Russell did abuse her, and if he was alive then she could say whatever she wants. He could reply then. But mostly, if he was still alive he could still maintain a relationship with his daughter.

The father-daughter relationship is very important, especially early on. (don't be offended if you never had the father-daughter relationship, but to have one and then have it destroyed is heartbreaking).

brebay brebay

Just because she MAY have been abused, does not automatically make her a hero, or even a nice person. She is disgusting and a terrible mother.

Cassondra Monique

Women who have never been in an abusive relationship will never understand the women who have been. If you don't like this woman then that's your business but stop defending him. One reason women don't speak out when the abuse is happening is because of backlash like this. There are people who will side with her abuser and accuse her of lying, not to mention the fear of the violence the abuser may put her or her child or other loved ones through if he finds out she talked. I don't know much about this woman beyond what I have read on various blogs and news stories and yes, she may be lying; however my experience has been that there is most likely truth behind her story, even if she may have "Hollywood-ed" it up. Victims of domestic abuse need to stop feeling like the people who should support them are going to support them the least. They need to know that they are not alone, they are not stupid, and it is not their fault. If no other good comes from this woman's story, I pray that it will help at least one woman.

Mindy Richards

This is one book I won't be putting on my Kindle.  It's all a bunch of BS!  Taylor stayed in that dysfunctional, abusive relationship FOR THE MONEY!!  She was willing to sacrifice her own self-esteem for CA$H!  Until she needed stitches over her eye (which I saw the picture of and it was not a pretty sight), THEN she left him.  A week or two later, Russell Armstrong and his biz partner hung themselves to avoid getting prosecuted by the Feds for fraud, monetary theft via securities and a mass of other charges for which they were under investigation.  Don't look now, Taylor, but the Feds want to talk to you too!  Will they charge her?  We'll have to wait and see how much they deem her to be culpable in Russell's multi-million dollar fraud scheme! 

santa blue

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