5 'Twilight' Gifts Almost as Hot as Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner blanketWith Breaking Dawn: Part 1 still dominating at the box office, holiday shopping for a Twilight fan should be easy enough this season, right? Wrong-o! Go in with that kind of thinking, and you could get a wolf paw to the back of the neck!

Holiday shoppers, you have to suss out: is my favorite Twi-hard Team Jacob or Team Edward? Because if she (he?) is the former, have we got some picks for you! Get ready to knock your favorite Taylor Lautner fan's socks off:

Taylor Lautner Fleece Blanket, $16.99 -- Bonanza

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 only gave us one measly taste of a shirtless Jacob Black, but your bestie can stop howling in pain when she wraps herself up in a fleecey blanket with her favorite hottie on it. If you can't have a werewolf to keep you warm, at least this can help keep the cold away.

Vampire Repelling Mints

Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints, $1.99 -- Amazon

I know, I know, the vampires of Forks don't actually have a problem with garlic per se. Or so they say! Of course those bloodsuckers wouldn't actually dish on one of their weaknesses. Duh! Gag gift guaranteed to keep Cullens at bay.

I've been imprinted ring

I've Been Imprinted Ring, $34.99 -- Renaissance Jewelry

Renesmee who? The only girl Jacob needs to be getting his wolf paws on is you know who! Rawr!

Jacob Black silhouette

Jacob Black Life Size Silhouette, $60 -- Vinyl Fruit

What is it they say? Go big or go home? Well this is certainly ... big. The best part: the vinyl wall cling comes off easily when she brings a "real" guy home.

Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl Blu-Ray, $11.99 -- Amazon

True Taylor fans need to start at the beginning: before he became Jacob Black, he was just a kid getting his start in movies with Robert Rodriguez's kooky cult classic. Re-released on Blu-Ray for the holiday season, it's a nice reminder Lautner is an actor, not just a sex symbol (come on folks, he's a little KID in this movie).

Do you have a Team Jacob fan on your holiday shopping list this year?

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MrsMa... MrsMamaBear31

oooooooo team jacob, right here! :D somebody better be getting me that blanket.

nonmember avatar Emme

If you're going to have Sharkboy and Lavagirl on this list, you need Cheaper by the Dozen 2 as well. That's when he first stole my heart, lol. =P

Burrow Esalm

Nice read! I love Twilight! ;)
Been a fan of Twilight and Harry Potter for more than 2 years now... lol

For those who dont know already, there’s actually an official showdown between the latest Harry Potter and Twilight movie at movievote.info :o

OMG, who to pick??? Can’t decide :D Guess I’m going with Twilight ;)
<3 Taylor Lautner, OMG hes so hawt ;3

Jennifer Gonzalez

Eclipse Candle co has a Beloved Character collection that has some wonderful scents named Alice,Edward,Bella,Renesmee and more. You can check me out at www.facebook.com/igniteyourscentses and www.eclipsecandleco.com/jennifergonzalez

nonmember avatar jill

Could try http://freenewflix.info
Can’t decide :D Guess I’m going with Twilight ;) <3 Taylor Lautner, OMG hes so hawt ;3????

Think he is hotter? pssh yeah right

Debri... Debrinconcita

I like the movies but some of this is just going too too far? I guess it's all about the might dollar? Oh well I GUess somebody needs to make it, SOMEHOW?

nonmember avatar jade

omg!!!!!!!!!!!im like ur number 1 fan and nice abs i got all the twilight movies and i always watch them just too see u and remember ur number 1 fan me will always love u !!!!!!!!:}}}}

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