'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' Won't Die at the Box Office


Breaking Dawn Twilight cast posterSorry Kermit the Frog, Ms. Piggy, and cute little Parisian orphan named Hugo, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 continued to reign supreme in the number one slot at the box office this weekend -- and for its third weekend in a row. The Twi-hard favorite has grossed an unbelievable $247.3 million in North America since its November 18th release.

So what do you think it is? Is it because the movie is infused with good old vampire blood? Is that why the film just won't die? Well, obviously! I mean, that's one factor (oh, Edward ...), but it's not the only factor going into the film's triple weekend success pattern.

The weekend after Thanksgiving is typically on the slow side for movie theater action -- everyone is back to work and school after Turkey Day and Black Friday, I imagine. So the fact that there weren't any other big openings this weekend had something to do with the vampire/werewolf flick's success. However, all of us Twilight lovers know the real reason for the film's ongoing success. And I don't just mean Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. It's also not just about Stephenie Meyer's rad storylines about vampire/human weddings and honeymoons, vampire/werewolf fights, and vampire/human babies.

According to Gitesh Pandya, editor of boxofficeguru.com in New York, Breaking Dawn, Part 1, was able to stay on top because Twilight is "the biggest franchise out there." This basically means that the Twilight franchise has some of the best and most loyal fans -- some who have even seen the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 more than once and a gazillion others who have seen the three prior films a gajillion times, too.

Can you say -- let's go Number One in Week Four, too? Oh yeah ... it's all up to you, Twi-hards!

Did you do your part to keep Breaking Dawn in the top spot?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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momma... mommaofemma

sure did!!! Loved it :)

Anna.... Anna.rose

I think that part two should com out in the sumber cuz i dont want to wait i want it now

Laura Wagoner

Would love to see it again didn't have good seats the first time !!!

Nicky Chadwick-Ingersoll

um yes i did. 3 times so far and i am going to keep going until the last day it is in the theaters. I love Twilight. Team Edward!!!!

Meagan Lynn Bourgeois

Yep, seen it 3 times!! and plan on seeing it more before it goes out of the theater. Forever Team Edward!!! Cant wait for part 2 next year

lga1965 lga1965

I saw it with my daughter and granddaughters just to be a "good sport". It still is distuirbing that a girl would want to marry a Vampire. It was sick that he put bruises on her arms and othr places and she didn't mind that he did it. It is disturbing that she wanted to "be changed". The whole thing worries me. WHy would young girls LIKE this? Too much blood,too much violence. Too perverted.

I wish I had seen the Mupoet Movie instead.

Sarah Cully

I've seen it one time so far but planning to see it again. Go Team Edward!!!!! loe twilight

cherr... cherryohcherry

It was the only movie my husband liked in the series and that's because he ended up laughing a lot. Be it intentional or not, the entire audience was in stitches, and we were all sad when it ended. I'm dragging him to a second showing this weekend and he doesn't seem to mind that much. Yaaaaaay! =)

kelti... kelticmom

Lga1965 Maybe if you read the books you would understand. As for the bruises, it's not like he beat her! I for one am very pale, and it's not uncommon after a really good, passionate romp w my 6'3" soldier hubby, to have random bruises. But like Bella, I enjoyed every minute of getting them! Lighten up, it's fiction :)

nonmember avatar elisa

Luvd it very passionate, very graphic, & very intense all around rd the books and bill did an awesome job capturing it maybe more than awesome cant wait for next yr wish it was soonr but oh well ... Team edward all way luvd saw it 4 xs already awesome movie my fav of all 4 ... Luv it breaking dawn twilight saga no. 1

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