Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey’s Duet Ruins Christmas (VIDEO)


justin bieber mariah careyThat's it. Christmas is canceled. It's been officially ruined by Justin Bieber and I no longer want any part in this blasphemous holiday. I'm talking about Bieber's duet with Mariah Carey. Those two have re-done Mimi's 1994 classic, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and it's so, so bad that I'd like to go ahead and officially announce that the holidays have been called off. I have no idea who decided to remake the song that was purely flawless and turn it into a commercial for Macy's and Nintendo, but he or she should be fired. They took a classic Christmas pop song and made a complete mockery of it.

And when 17-year-old Bieber started flirting with 41-year-old Mariah who, by the way, is wearing a sexy Santa costume, that's when the music video went from insulting to disturbing.

When Mariah's original song debuted, Justin was about 8 months old. Now he's not even legal and he and Ms. Carey are prancing around each other, gesturing with their fingers, proclaiming that all they want for Christmas is each other. It's weird and nauseating. All I want for Christmas is to never see Bieber and Mariah flirt with each other ever again.

I guess there are some upsides to this debacle. Mariah looks good. So there's that. Oh, and if you didn't know where Macy's was in NYC, they shove the address down your throat plenty of times (WEST 34TH ST!!!). So that problem is solved. And it's nice to hear that Bieber's not the highest voice on the record. That's certainly worth something.

But the rest of this ill-conceived duet is just barf-worthy. From Justin's shearling collar coats to Mariah's bangs in the final scene to the most unlikely Christmas party scenario on Earth, the video and song are a disaster. They should've been left well enough alone.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments:


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Leticia Amada Lane

the whole thing was gross and disturbing to say the least!! My 15 yr old daughter disliked it also. Mariah should be ashamed of herself for taking a clean holiday and making it trampy!!

nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

I've never liked Mariah Carey. Does it bother anyone else that she won't turn around? Why is she facing the wall? Lol

nonmember avatar Mark

Simple terms = Disgusting !

nonmember avatar siddy

You guys are being pervs. Mariah treated him like he was a kid. She shook his face like he was cute like the puppy.

Argentina Iraheta

I used to love the original. I may need to cleanse my ears after hearing this new one, however.

Scrug... Scruggsy01

Justin was a doll, very appropriate, Mariah on the other hand looked and acted like an idiot... She just stood there half naked with her back to us rubbing on a wall... I felt embarrassed for her... It was all just a hot mess...

nonmember avatar Dawn

I just posted on FB last night after watching this that Mariah Carey has obviously been having a mid-life crisis from the age of 30-40+! This whole duet was ridiculous! Glad I am not the only one who thought so!

Annie Stoecker

I'm not crazy about it...Mariah looks ridiculous. But she totally treats Justin like a puppy, not a sexual object. People can sing a "love" duet without actually being together...it's just play acting. Most of the times, they weren't even in the same frame. But the Nintendo thing was some pretty platent placement. The whole concept...having it in Macy's with shoppers rushing to get in completely goes against the lyrics/meaning of the song! Those people DO want a lot for Christmas.

Katherine Carter Scott

I agree, Ladies. Mariah's part in the video was soft porn in my opinion and not worthy of family viewing. I am wondering if the reason Mariah did not move was because her body was photo shopped while she was standing against the wall. Notice when they showed her sitting down she was covered with presents. When did her body get like that after having twins? I am still not believing that story, it happened way too quickly.

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