Heroes: Arthur is Everywhere!

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This week's Heroes episode is a must see according my friend and Heroes recap expert, Jordanplustwo. This episode foreshadows some future events, as well as giving us clues to the past. Spoiler alert!


Jordanplustwo has her usual awesome recap of the last episode:

The episode opens with Mohinder's voice over talking about the eclipse, and you see shots of all the heroes when they gained their powers during the first eclipse in the first episode. We also find out that Arthur had been having Mohinder inject humans with the formula. But it causes genetic abnormalities.  We also find out that the key to the formula is hidden in a person.

Ando tries to be a hero and attempts to attack Arthur, but is thrown away from him as he continues to play mind games with Hiro. Arthur is distracted by a painting on the rock face the African did, and Ando tackles a stunned Hiro to the ground.  Hiro teleports them out of there, but brings them back to a bowling alley in Japan. Hiro then starts acting very strangely, and asks Ando why he looks so old. After seeing his reflection we find out he thinks he's 10 years old again. Ando tries to help the 10 year old Hiro in the 28 year old body how to use his powers but by the end of the episode, the problem is not resolved.

Arthur goes back to Pinehurst where Gabriel/sylar waits for him. He tells sylar he can access his Empathy, and can take powers without killing. Arthur leads him into a room where Elle is chained to the floor. Elle apparently is angry Gabriel  killed her father. Elle electrocutes him but he ends up taking her power without killing her. There is a moment where they share a look, which makes me wonder if there is a romance in the future for Gabriel/sylar and Elle.

Claire is trying desperately to protect Peter from her uncle. They escape and Peter confesses to Claire that she killed him in the future, and tells her that she's becoming a killer.  She tells him that she can't leave him because she has to return the favor of him saving her life.  The duo catch up with them, but Peter saves her yet again. They then travel to Primatech, to where Matt and Daphne are.

Matt and Daphne find Angela Petrelli and Matt enters her mind.  While in Angela's mind, he meets up with Arthur who disguises himself as Daphne and stabs him. He actually starts bleeding as if he's been stabbed. Arthur lets Angela go after a standoff but the incident makes Daphne show her true feelings for Matt.
Nathan goes to see his father, but doesn't exactly like what he has to say and leaves Tracy behind after he goes to see his mother, and Tracy decides she's going to try to help Arthur to get Nathan on his side.

The episode ends with five on five with the Petrelli parents. The fear guy, Claire's uncle, Tracy, sylar, and Elle with Arthur. Nathan, Claire, Peter, Matt and Daphne with Angela. Arthur draws an eclipse, and says "It's coming."

I give this episode a 9 out of 10. A MUST SEE episode. Lots of humor, and foreshadowing in this episode. Definitely worth the 40 minutes to go watch it on NBC.com with 30 second commercials.

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