Demi Moore's Daughters Give Ashton Kutcher a Hilarious New Nickname


ashton kutcherRemember back when things were good with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore? And even though we all always had that sneaking suspicion in the back of our heads that something just wasn't quite right with them as a couple, it was still pretty damn adorable to see Ashton getting along so well with her kids? Yeah, well, that's gone to crap, too, now. The kids hate him. And can you blame them? The dude cheated on their mom.

Once upon a time, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah (Demi's children with Bruce Willis) used to refer to Ashton as "MOD," short for "My Other Dad." Well, now, the girls still refer to Ashton as MOD, but the acronym has a completely different meaning. Now it stands for "Major Offensive D***head." Can't say they're not creative.

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According to a token insider: "When news surfaced a year ago that Ashton had been unfaithful, the girls refused to believe it. But when the scandal resurfaced, his ‘daughters’ confronted ‘Dad’ for the truth -- but Ashton LIED to them, flatly denying he’d cheated. They now want NOTHING to do with him. He’s tried numerous times to contact them, but they refuse to respond.”

It's like, dude, what does Ashton expect? He cheated on the girls' mother. He publicly embarrassed her. And he lied to them. To their face! They have every right to be pissed hate him. And he doesn't deserve to hear from them. He should just stop contacting them.

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By no means do I condone Ashton's -- or anyone's -- cheating. Don't get married if you haven't sowed all your wild oats. But I will admit, I never really thought Ashton and Demi were going to last. Partly because of the age thing, partly because they were just so damn random. So, to be honest, I wasn't really shocked when they announced their divorce -- or his philandering ways. As gross as it sounds, I kind of expected it. But the fact that there are kids -- kids he had a strong relationship with -- involved? Blech. That just makes him a bigger dirtbag. And the girls' nickname for him is perfect.

Do you feel bad for Demi's kids? Do you find this nickname amusing?

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thing... thingz123

In what universe was that a relevant or even remotely amusing comment to make? And way to ignore their pain.

Victo... VictoriaL.

I called/call my step-mother the "step-monster". Not very creative, but it gets the point across.

nonmember avatar Grace

I feel sorry for all of them actually. :(

Mallo... Mallory746

What trash mouths those girls are!  Ashton is lucky to get out of there alive!  He put Demi on the map my dears, where was her career going anyway before her junior adventure ended in marriage to him? NOWHERE...

Good luck Ashton!

nonmember avatar tracy

Team Demi!

Felicia Albright

Yet Brad Pitt did the same thing to Jennifer Anniston ( even though kids aren't involved) and millions of women still worship the ground he walks on....kind of a double standard isn't it?? As for Demi's kids, they aren't little kids. They are grown or almost grown and should know by now Hollywood marriages don't last (  after all, Demi's and Bruce divorced) and cheating happens no matter if you are in Hollywood or not. My question is..why does everyone care?? Its not your marriage so get your nose out of it.

nonmember avatar Sherrie

Don't feed the trolls ladies. And can everyone stop going on about the age difference please. This 'man' is 33 y/o. 'Youth' can not be used to excuse his behavior.

silve... silver9391

I feel bad for Demi and her kids. She has not endured anything that lots of other women haven't went thru. But lets face it,her humiliation was triple anything most of us will go thru, because everything was so public. His behavior coupled with the fact that the young woman was giving interviews, the pictures,her every move being splashed on magazine covers had to have made it very hard for her and her kids. But there are other women out there that went thru similar events with class, Maria Shriver, Sandra Bullocks. She'll be alright, with the help of friends and family, as long as she does not sink to his level.  The new nickname that her kids have for Ashton, no I don't find it amusing but I think that it is highly accurate. Last but not least her kids are butt ugly, they inherited the worse genetic traits of both parents. 

Alan Funkle

is it bizzare to me that we can report stories now without reporting sources? your proof of this story is? a token insider? was he "toking". lol.

nonmember avatar kim irvin

@mallory746: yes, because THAT'S what marriage is all about: furthering a career.

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