The World Didn't Need a Bethenny Frankel Talk Show


bethenny frankelI used to really like Bethenny Frankel. Hand to God, I was genuinely bummed out when she left The Real Housewives of New York. But recently, somewhere in between her bogus "stranded boat" story and her lying (by omission) about how much she made from her Skinnygirl sale, I don't know, she's started to irritate me.

And I don't want her to! I love loving celebrities! There are so few left that I unabashedly heart, when I find one, I try to hold on to them with the same zeal one would hold on to the Heart of the Ocean. I can't help how I feel, though. Bethenny Frankel, as amusing and entertaining as she once was to me, is off my list.

Which is why I'm glad the Bethenny Frankel talk show is officially a no-go.

In case you didn't know, the Bravo star was shopping around a daytime talk program to all the major networks for fall of 2012. Unfortunately -- or fortunately -- not a one took the bait.

Now, I'm not celebrating the talk-show-that-will-never-be because I'm all aboard the anti-Bethenny train these days, I'm celebrating it because, well, I don't think the world needs more Bethenny Frankel. She created an impressive empire. I think if she oversaturates the public with herself (which she's already precariously close to doing -- she has drinks, books, TV shows), she could harm that. Nobody wants too much of anybody. I mean, the Kardashians are one thing -- they sort of just sit there and giggle and look pretty. Bethenny, with her strong personality, is an entirely different beast.

I hope she's not sad, though. Even if I don't love Bethenny anymore, doesn't mean I wish ill on her. Hopefully, she'll manage to, somehow, find solace in the millions of dollars and lovely family she already has. Be strong, girl.

Were you hoping for a Bethenny Frankel talk show? Do you like Bethenny?


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Carol Lavallee

Still love Ya Bethenny!!!


BinkA... BinkABink

Bethenny - you have enough on your plate - take care of what you have - nourish those you love. Money and fame can be fleeting.

Sophia Thomas

We don't want a talk show from all those skanky housewives. They will talk bare shite

nonmember avatar micki

No more Bethney, she has gotten tooooooooo big for herself, I used to like her, but something happens when they have so much going and do not know how to handle the things, they get just nasty and her lanuage, very bad for her daughter, Bethney take care of Jason you have something so good in him, don't pull an O.C housewife and let your husband go, he is the best thing except for your daughter that you have going, not the money which is good, but you have two of the best don't lose them.

happy... happymama0609

I have no clue who the hell she is honestly.

hzley... hzleys100

love her!!

Lucii... LuciiLovesHanz

I personally think Bethanny is an amazing role model for the next generation of women. She says to girls "yes, you CAN have it all"....but maybe with a few more xanex? ;)

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

I still wonder why some people feel she should have held a press conference to announce how much money she made from the deal.  It was pure speculation and really, it's none of our business.  

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